Življenje mi je vedno dajalo več vprašanj, kot odgovorov. Še posebej boleča so tista neodgovorjena vprašanja, povezana s takšnimi in drugačnimi življenjskimi blokadami, preprekami, frustracijami, strahovi, zgrešenimi priložnostmi, »zakaj ravno jaz« situacijami,… ko so se mi pojavljali vedno isti vzorci, ki sem jih sčasoma prepoznal, ne pa vedno tudi razumel. Astrološka poročila sem dobil za rojstni dan in sem bil res zelo presenečen, koliko sebe sem v teh poročilih našel, kako zelo veliko odgovorov se mi je naenkrat zaprlo – kot da bi dobil čisto svoja uporabniška navodila za nadaljnje življenje, konec koncev tudi za naslednja življenja. Res neverjetno, koliko »aha« trenutkov sem doživel ob prebiranju teh poročil. Dobil sem veliko bolj jasen uvid v moje neprijetne in težke življenjske situacije, predvsem v razloge, zakaj do njih sploh pride, kako jih omiliti, velikokrat celo spustiti. Prava stvar za odkrivanje in razumevanje še neodkritih globin sebe, sploh pri poglobljenem delu na sebi. Toplo priporočam. 

Zoran (Slovenia)
Avtor strani: www.knjigaiskanj.si







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Zoran – Slovenia


It was everything I was looking for and more! Thank you for providing such an eye-opening and informative service! 
I have been learning astrology on my own for the last 2 1/2 years and being a Scorpio Rising, I have been quite obsessed haha  Even though I know way more about Astrology than any one I personally know, I still feel like there is sooooo much more for me to learn!  I know I have some energy blocks,  so this report is truly so valuable. Thanks Again!
Elizabeth Gotschall
United States

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Elizabeth Gotschall – United States



I have always been interested in astrology. Soon after the birth of my daughter, I became interested in her astrological chart. As her mother I wanted to know what kind of personality she is and what are her potentials. I was amazed when I recognized some of her features already. I notice something new over and over again. At the same time, I am amazed at how well it describes me and relationship with a partner. This astrological analysis is a great tool for self-knowledge, building a relationship with others (partner, parents …) and last but not least, getting to know your children and monitoring the development of their character.

(Ljubljana, Slovenia)

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Nina (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

After becoming a mother, understanding my son, his personality and his needs was my top priority. But coming to that understanding was not an easy task.
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Natalija Zvokelj – Denmark


Huh…What an insight!!!
I have been working a lot on myself in the last 5 years and I also changed few industries in that time and what really surprised me is that all of these industries are mentioned in the astro-report. I was questioning a lot about myself, what do I want in my life and with astro-reports and especially prosperity report I have got an extra confirmation to pursue in the desired direction. Such an insight have given me an much more confidence and actually clarified the values which I crave for.
If you are in a transition phase or you feel stuck right now with any part of your life, astro-reports could really open your eyes. You will find a few gemstones in each report which will expand your perspective about yourself. I am grateful to astro-reports and Jure for such an amazing product which he is offering to us. Thank you and Atma Namaste!
If I would have to describe these reports in one word, it would be: POWERFUL!

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Marjan Rijavec

Business therapist at



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Marjan Rijavec (Slovenija)www.marjanrijavec.com



It’s insane how accurate the report is. I get shivers reading some chapters because it just hits home. I love it, because it helps me understand those parts of me that I didn’t before. Most importantly, it helps me embrace all the little things I used to think was wrong about me. I’m not wrong, I’m just different, and I love how this report encourages me to love those parts of myself, because those parts are still me. It’s so precise, I swear, the accuracy is insane. Not everything, but nearly all of it is a major home run. Highly, highly recommend. 100%!

Johanna Valdez



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Johanna Valdez – Philippines



I decided to get an astrology report mainly out of curiosity and because I was at the point where I wasn’t sure what to do next with my life. I have to say that I wasn’t really interested in „astrology world“ before. But after attending Pranic Healing courses by Master Choa Kok Sui I decided to give it a try. I was surprised when reading this Astrology Reports – they are so precise. I got a lot of clear answers and „signposts“ I was searching for; especially about why I react in a certain way, advices about how to function better, about relationships, about my positive characteristics and also about my weaknesses. There is quite some material to read if you decide to get an Advance pack and you will find a lot of helpful insights.

Nastja Rijavec
Gorica (Slovenia)




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Nastja Rijavec – Gorica (Slovenia)


First, I would like to say that Jure is very warm person and his actions are always pointed from his heart. I got the full package report for me and all my family. The astro report has given me insight into my life and the life of my family from different perspective. I now see my life more clearly and understand my spouse and my children better in various circumstances.

The best part is that I can look into report whenever I want and find answers that I’m looking for. Result is more peaceful and hearted family life. I love my karmic insight report best. I finally got some answers for question why my path is sometimes very difficult and how to handle particular problem or situation. My eyes are seeing more colourful life because astro reports gave me more positive view towards my life and life of my family. 

Janez Batič
(Litija, Slovenia)

Pranic Healer and Intuitive soul coach




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Janez Batič (Litija, Slovenia)Pranic Healer and Intuitive soul coach



This is amazing!

Almost one year ago Jure appeared in my life and almost as much as himself, this rapports are an amazing blessing coming down in my life. It helped me a lot to get clarity, and it makes me smile everytime I read it. As I was not Astral oriented at all, this surprised me a lot! How on Earth can it be so accurate!? My weaknesses, but mostly my strength touched me: most of the time we are so focused on improvement of what we do wrong, it touched my heart to read about the good qualities the astral rapport recalled upon. This makes me feel more confident, and this feeling helps to overcome the weaknesses! My friends also gifted themselves with these amazing information – and as much as I did- they all valued it a lot!

(Amsterdam – Netherland)

Healer, trainer & facilitator




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Marissa (Amsterdam – Netherland)Healer, trainer & facilitator