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About Us

The Institute for Personal Growth and Development  – The Path to Health in Slovenia presents Astrological Reports, which help people find their inner passion and an easier and faster development on their Life Path.

The best, the longest, and the most inspiring astrological reports are copyright of world-renowned astrologers and writers. Reports reveal your character and personality in a simple and understandable way. The reports help you understand through deep inspiring readings your personality traits, reveal your skills and abilities, improve your self-esteem, relationships with family members, partner, friends and co-workers, and much more. Interpretations encourage and easily guide you on your path, give you great advice and directions, and help you move forward in life.

These reports are especially suitable for people who want to improve their life and develop on their personal and spiritual path. And also for astrologers who are at the beginning of their path, as the professional content helps them validate and improve the reading of the astrological natal chart.

With Love and Respect,
The Institute for personal growth and development team Slovenia.