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Astrological reports are copyright (©) work of world-renowned astrologers, psychologists and clairvoyants. The reports are written as a personal astrological guide.

Reports are made manually and they will be accompanied by your natal chart and emailed to you in text and audio format.

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    Special Packages For Special Purposes

    Through professional astrological interpretations, you will recognize your personality and character and reveal the hidden talents, skills, and abilities within. In addition to discovering your skills, these reports will guide and support you on your path to success, help you improve your health, relationships, partnerships, aid you in personal growth and spiritual development.

    When you believe you are intelligent, you act intelligently. When you believe you are loving, you act lovingly and attract love. When you believe you are limitless, you act limitlessly and attract success.

    Why not accept the truth, that you were born to be happy, to succeed and to live life abundantly? By putting your attention to the most positive manifestation of your Astrology Natal Chart you can create love, joy, and peace in your life. It’s your life, live it!

    Special Packages

    77 €
    • Most important reports to recognize your child purposes.
    • REPORTS:
    • * Child Report For Parents
    • * Merlin Natal Report
    • * Personal Security Report
    88 €
    • Recognize your hidden skils and find the best way to success.
    • REPORTS:
    • * Merlin Natal Report
    • * Prosperity Report
    • * Vocational Guidance
    • * Personal Security Report
    99 €
    • Awesome reports for spiritual growth and developpment.
    • REPORTS:
    • * Merlin Natal Report
    • * Revelation - New Astrology
    • * Life Awakening Report
    • * Chakras Healing Report
    • * World Peace Report
    111 €
    • Special pack for better
      connection and relationship.
    • REPORTS:
    • * 2x Merlin Natal Report
    • 2x Karmic Report
    • * Simple Compatibility Report
    • * Deep Compatibility Report