What is Astrology and how it works?

Astrology is a spiritual art which can give you great inspiration and understanding of your life. The constellation will turn the tide of your mood but won’t force it. With the help of astrological analyses, you can gain wisdom to see and become aware of your life. The wisdom will enable you to discern which actions are wise or not and which activities are suitable for you. There is a moment of maturity when the soul crosses the boundaries of fear and judgment and looks for the value of trust. With the help of astrology, the soul can realize that the truth will set it free. Out of all the sciences, astrology is the most spiritual one because it insists on showing you the meaning, nature and even purpose of life and teaching you not to be dependent on other people.

By listening to the greatest, best and most inspirational analyses on Astro-reports you will recognize that dark forces aren’t the ones who make your life difficult. Troubles occur whenever a person cannot correctly use the planetary forces.

The purpose of astrology is to bring people the awareness that creative life forces reside within us. Astrology is a bridge and a missing link that connects the human and divine consciousness. It is a spiritual art that lies in final symbols that help us realize humanity has free will and life is what we make of it.

Astrology will unveil at which point you have started and how to make your life better, given that life is pushing us into the future. This push is built on conscious and unconscious memories of our soul and the past dwelling in the light of present awareness. Based on the previous experiences of your soul and the wisdom of astrology it will be easier to adjust yourself to your life plan. If you know how to use it, astrology is a light that helps you understand the law of self-awareness. Once you understand it, you can be free of fears, judgment, and any limitations!

Why is Astrology a Science and An Art?

Only when we go deeper into astrology, we see that not everything revolves just around the sun, the ascendant and the moon. On the contrary, our natal chart includes all signs, 12 houses, 10 major planets, Chiron, north and south nodes, asteroids and the rest of the constellation which is present in our universe. In certain cultures, these signs are even further broken down.

Besides, each sign and every aspect have their characters, power, and significance.

They are all moving around the twelve houses of which each represents its field: the first six represent the introverted and the other six the extroverted parts of our character.

When we are born, planets and signs are found in certain houses at a certain angle or degrees. Because planets, symbols, signs, and houses have their properties, and because they are constantly moving, they cause great magnetic activity, which causes energy forces that can influence all living beings either harmoniously or unharmonious. Thus, they also affect us. All this is seen in our natal chart. Due to the constant movement of the constellation in astrology, the time of birth also plays an important role. All this creates our personality and our character. When we sum it all up, we can get 20,736 and even more different characters, which astrologers skillfully interpret and reveal to you according to the areas you want to learn about in your life.

Since the constellation is alive and dynamic, the movement continues from our birth on. This movement develops continuous magnetic modifications and energy activity that affects us and our mood. Therefore, astrologers can understand the condition, causes and consequences of certain actions, and predict the events’ outcomes and possible solutions for the future.

That is why astrology is science and art worth paying attention to.