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This inspirational astrological report act as a personal psychotherapist.

Astro-reports reveal, clarify and answers questions such as: Who am I? How I think and act in life? How do I see others? How had others seen me? What ambition I have and where I can succeed in life? What are my best potentials, skills, and abilities with which I can succeed in life? What are my weaknesses and how can I release them? How I can develop the best version of myself? etc…

Astrological reports are a great investment for individuals who devote time and energy to developing their ambitions and personal development. Its also a great gift for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, childbirths, weddings, etc.

You can choose from individual reports or special packages, such as Pack for parents, Pack for success, Pack for spiritual development or Couple pack.

Reports are created manually by Jure Jeraj.


Astro-reports allows you to create and develop your astrological guide.

100% Trust!

Sometimes happens that I mist the message or I sending reports with wrong birth details.
In this case, please stay open, and contact me on and I’ll respond to you within 24 hours. 

I sending reports in 3 different formats:
PDF – for print, RTF – for editing and HTML – for reading on internet explorer.
Some individual reports I can create in Audio mp3 file.

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You can create your Profesional Astrology Guide Book. Click here to download high-resolution pdf frontpages of astro-reports.

An Additional Chris!

In general, I create reports in a Tropical System that is considered to be common in Western Astrology. If you want reports by SideReal (Vedic) System which is known as Jyotish Astrology please write in order note (optional): I want Vedic Astrology Report. What’s the difference between these two systems you can read here.


This report is detailed and quite comprehensive. I recommend that you create the “My Astrological Guide” book and reports in order. With the click on the name, you can see an example reports for a legendary musician who was the main catalyst for children and World Peace – Michael Jackson.

While you read your reports, I recommend that you highlight the importance of different color markers. This will remind you of the important points and reflect them while you read them again.

Using the Natural Readers online you can listen and save audio reports. Pleas watch tutorial video.

How you can translate and listen to the astrological report on your phone if you don’t understand English? Video presentation. 


1. Download app Microsoft translator.
2. Open the astrological report in your email or google chrome
3. Mark text,
4. Click 3 dots on the upright side,
6. Chose your language > Click speaker below and listen.

Sincerely I hope that this report will reveal the secrets of your soul and guide, support and encourage you in your development on all levels. If you are an astrologer or are still learning to read astrology charts, these reports will help you validate and justify your knowledge. If you do not get involved with astrology, I recommend that you connect and cooperate with an astrologer you trust, because with their help you can improve and upgrade this report.

With Love and Respect,

Jure Jeraj