Medicine Wheel – Native Indian Astrology πŸ“‘+🎧


The Medicine Wheel describes your birth chart according to traditional Native American astrology, based on the traditional Kvinakati Tsulawi healing circle of the Southern Shawnee and Cherokee tribes and the positive responses of other North American tribes.

This report will reveal and explain the three heavenly realms (upper, middle and lower), the elements of the healing circle (fire, water, earth, air, wood and crystal), the seven heavens and the message of Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and much more.

Dr. Roffe is a direct descendant of Chickamauga Tsulawi Cherokee, Chickasaw and Southern Shawnee Kvniakati practitioners and is not a member of any federally recognized tribal unit. Every animal has healing power.

Medicine Wheel Animals of Native American Astrology

  • Red Hawk (Aries)
  • Beaver (Taurus)
  • Songbirds (Gemini)
  • Rabbit (Cancer) – (Coyote – in other tribes)
  • Alligator (Leo)
  • Mouse (Virgo)
  • Bear (Libra)
  • Snake (Scorpio)
  • Elk (Sagittarius)
  • Deer (Capricorn) – (Buffalo – other in others)
  • Otter (Aquarius)
  • Panther (Pisces)


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