Cayce Past Life report 📑+🎧


This astrological report reveals a synthesis of your past lives, originally developed clairvoyantly by Edgar Cayce. It describes your past lives and events in the realm of the planets during your soul’s journey along the timeline.

This report accurately and comprehensibly describes aspects of your soul, personality, charisma, and the skills and abilities your soul has developed in past lives. You will learn what you have created, what professions you have performed, in which cultures you have moved and from which civilizations you have brought the most into this life.

The information you will receive in this report is a handy tool for personal transformation. To get the most out of this report, focus on your current situation and situation in your life as you read the information. As an aid in balancing energies or vibrations, this report also offers you affirmations that you can use in meditation or prayer or recommendations for crystals or semi-precious stones worn for a specific purpose.

The average report covers 13-15 A4 pages.



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