Children Report For

A Boy Luka

2. February 2011,


     This Astrological Child Report has been designed as a guide for Luka’s parents, with a special commitment: to help with Luka’s growth and cultural upbringing, to emphasize and strengthen his assets, and to alert the parents to mistakes or possible problems that Luka could face in his life.

     Chapter 1 describes Luka the way he really is (position of the Sun), and the way his personality is expressed (Ascendant sign). Chapters 2 and 3 describe the influences linked to his mother and father respectively, which DOES NOT mean a description of their personalities, but the way Luka sees them, experiences them, and which characteristics he takes from each one. In the astrological chart of a brother or sister, the description of parents could be different due to the individual’s perspective. Chapter 4 completes the sequence of the description of Luka’s temperament, focusing his mind, his attitude toward education, and his intellectual capacity.

     Chapter 5 describes Luka’s destiny, his vocation, his profession, and the probability of success in the material world. In order to get an appropriate view of Luka’s vocational possibilities, it will be necessary to combine what is in this chapter plus what is in Chapter 1 and any other relevant information in the report.

     Chapter 6 analyzes the conditions of Luka’s health; some tendencies or possibilities to physical diseases are mentioned, which DOES NOT mean that Luka is going to suffer from them, one by one.  It does mean that those are his weak points and he is inclined to those possibilities. As a complement, some recommendations for Luka to have better nutrition are mentioned. PLEASE CONSULT A PHYSICIAN REGARDING ANY PHYSICAL PROBLEMS THAT YOUR CHILD MAY HAVE!!! FOLLOW YOUR PHYSICIAN’S ADVICE AND ANY MEDICATION OR THERAPY THAT HE/SHE RECOMMENDS!!! ASTROLOGY SHOULD NEVER BE USED AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ATTENTION!!!

     Finally, Chapter 7 describes the astrological influence of the outer planets which affect all the children who were born in the same period of years, producing common ideas and behaviors and subsequent generational characteristics.

     It is probable that you may find some contradictions in the report; this is because some planets may be beneficial in a certain area of life while other planets may be less helpful or even harmful. This means that Luka may have both positive and negative experiences in the same area. You need to draw on your intuition and common sense to come to your own conclusions. But remember that every child, no matter the sign he/she was born in, needs LOVE in order to grow up in the right way.

Chapter 1: General description of the child: essential nature and personality. Physical body and childhood.

Sun in Aquarius:

     The child of Aquarius is original, rebellious and very special. It is not easy to describe him because he has so many facets. He is jumpy, and always in motion. He will be a rebel from infancy and will not be an obedient child. He is very clever and he learns quickly how things work. He is very curious as well as sociable. He is attracted to the unusual, objects in motion, vivid colors, and anything animated. That is why you have to keep an eye on him when he starts to walk. He is attracted to electronic components, like TV sets, computers, VCRs, audio equipment, etc. and he is always placing his little fingers on the panel where the controls are, driving everybody crazy! It is a very good idea to have computer games at home, because he will enjoy it very much. Remember, if you have any electronic equipment at home, it would be better to show him how to use it, than to forbid him to touch it. When something is interesting for him, he learns with incredible rapidity; sometimes he is a kind of genius. One of his worse problems is being easily bored, so he is always looking for something new. His moods are not very constant, and he can feel up and down on the same day. Though he is a bit unpredictable, he is usually charming and outgoing.

     Parents should be cautious when choosing a school for him, because he has a special mind, and it needs constant stimulation. A conservative and traditional education could be catastrophic. He needs to be in touch with modern and futuristic things. His mental vibrations are connected with the future, rather than the past. He is very intelligent but sometimes absent-minded, especially when he is bored at school. His creativity and originality are unbelievable, and it is very important to help him develop these qualities from the beginning. Though he is artistically talented, his creativity is not limited only to this field, and he could also be an inventor. A good gift could be the combination of a set of special pencils and pens and an engineering set, so he can build bridges and towers. He also loves science-fiction, and all things connected with the Universe.

     Luka’s personality includes a combination of a firm practical sense and an unbelievable perception, with a sharp and penetrating logic. His answers will be clear and precise, though at first there will be always “no” for an answer to any order or suggestion. After complaining and thinking about the subject, his final reaction will be reasonable and coherent. He becomes more rebellious and extravagant during adolescence. His parents must be prepared to accept his extravagant hairdos and clothes, his lack of punctuality, as well as his unconventional behavior. Then he will calm down. Remember that it is not a very good idea to attack or contradict him. Instead, it is best to have fun with him. The same attitude should be taken with his friends, who will be unusual. His great energy belongs to his mind, so he needs some help in practicing physical activities. It is very important to show him, as a child, how to take responsibility and to be conscientious about his choices. This will help him to be more responsible and will keep him from choosing the easiest way. Parents should always remember that this child is very special, that he will not follow the usual path, and that the world changes thanks to this kind of person.

Cancer Rising Sign:

     Luka will have a regular body and height, with smooth skin and maybe freckles and moles. His broad back will show his confidence and his tendency to command. But usually, his body will show delicacy and softness, due to the sensitivity of his spirit. He will be very attached to his family and it will not be easy for him to adapt to change. Luka will always prefer what he already knows and what makes him feel secure. Usually the friends he makes as a child will be his friends as an adult. He will be very generous and will always help whoever needs him. His protective instinct as well as his sensitivity to nature are highlighted. If Luka’s self-esteem is not fed in childhood, he could be insecure and fearful during his adult life. As his sensitivity gets hurt very easy, each wound could leave a scar more difficult to erase as time passes by. He needs protection, delicacy and affection to grow with security and happiness. His imagination will be vast and his fantasies will take him to his own world, which could distract him from his studies. The best way to help keep his mind on “reality” is to remind him gently, but without too much pressure to stick to a schedule.

     His childhood is ruled by the Moon which makes his mother most influential. She may be domineering or very hardworking and demanding at home. Home life can be a bit unstable, or there may be some moving around. It is important to explain very naturally to Luka about these changes, in order to make him secure about his family and himself. Luka is very intuitive and will understand it very easily, so you do not have to lie to him. The Moon’s influence makes him very impressionable to aggression or violent scenes. If he receives painful or humiliating punishment, his pride will be hurt forever and as an adult he will be so afraid of making mistakes, that he will be unable to take initiative or make changes in his life. Parents should not argue when he is around them and they should remember the quantity of affection that he needs. Everything that happens to him as a child will be in his unconscious forever and will affect him all his life. It is very important to give Luka affection and love, because he will never be totally free of his family, and all the good things he received as a child will be returned to his parents in greater measure.

Chapter 2: Maternal figure: emotions, feelings, capacity to love and share.

Moon in Aries:

     Luka will have intense emotions and surprising energy. He will have great enthusiasm for adventure and risky situations. He can get very angry, but it disappears quickly. Luka will not be rancorous; he will not have a complicated emotional world. He will be frank, outgoing, spontaneous, and perhaps a bit rough with his displays of affection. Because of his protective feelings towards others, Luka will always be helping and leading people. He can be a bit impulsive, restless and negligent, losing his temper very easily. Despite this, Luka will have something priceless: his sincerity.

     He will have a restless, energetic, authoritative, and, perhaps, assertive mother, from whom he will learn to express his emotions openly. They may argue quite a bit, but this arguing originates from a deep bond between them, where many things are blended together, like jealousy and also a mutual desire to dominate one another. Luka can inherit the tendency to act impulsively without thinking, making many mistakes and then feeling regret. It will be difficult to give him advice as he will not like to pay attention to it. One way or the other, he will always make a big impression with his dynamic personality.

Moon in 10th house:

     Luka’s mother will have a deep influence on his destiny, especially on his ideas, priorities, and on the choice of his future career. Luka will learn to be sensitive to the feelings of others and will be successful in any profession dealing with people, especially women. Reputation will play an important role in his life.  His ambitions can often dominate her feelings. This astrological position will bring fame and social recognition, and his private life may become public.

Moon Opposition Saturn:

     Luka will probably have some painful experiences during his childhood which will affect the expression of his feelings. Luka needs sensitivity from his mother to make him feel secure. He may seem shy and very reserved, with a cool and distant facial expression. Luka could feel very lonely at times, and if he does not learn how to show his feelings, he could experience some solitary periods in the future.

Moon Sextile Mars:

     Luka will be ambitious, determined, firm, and quick to react. He will have great physical strength which will help him overcome any health problem. His emotions will be very intense and will always be handled in a positive and constructive way. Luka will prefer to work alone because he could become very impatient with people who do not conform to his rhythm. He will also be frank and straight-to-the- point in expressing all his feelings.

Venus in Capricorn:

     Luka will be very reserved with his feelings. He will have a cold and controlled external appearance, though he will be passionate on the inside. Because Luka may feel insecure, he will open himself up to others very slowly until he feels comfortable. Luka might compensate for his emotional insecurities by developing a materialistic attitude and substituting professional and social success. He will find it difficult to show intimacy and tenderness. As an adult, he could fall in love with someone older in order to be protected, or with someone younger in order to be the protector. Luka will link love with responsibility, and once he falls in love, he will be very loyal. Due to his leadership qualities, Luka can be very successful in business.

Venus in 6th house:

     Luka will like being useful to people. Schoolmates will love him, and in adulthood people at work will appreciate him very much. Luka will prefer neat and clean activities, which do not require him to dirty his hands, and activities in which he could show his refinement and delicacy. Luka could become a peacemaker, adviser, umpire, or nurse. He will be concerned about his own health and will have to learn to avoid sugar and starch.

Venus Conjunction Pluto:

     Luka will show his passion from the day he is born; he will be very happy with constant hugs and kisses! He will not want something, he will want everything, and will always want more. As an adult Luka will have intense and deep romances; transitory adventures will not suit him. He will be jealous and demanding and will tend to possess and dominate his lover. It will be very important for him to learn to control his selfishness. His intense feelings will not always be expressed outwardly. Luka can stay angry a long time, and this can generate a deep rancor in him. Each time love comes into Luka’s life, he will be changed.

Venus Square Jupiter:

     Luka can have over-protective parents. He will tend to exaggerate everything and also will be undisciplined in financial affairs. His exaggerated optimism will sometimes cause him to be unrealistic. Parents should not be so complacent and should show him that he has to work to get what he wants.

Jupiter in Aries:

     Luka will grow up feeling secure. He will be ardent, generous, and very active, with a great talent for leadership and a strong desire for freedom and action. In spite of his capacity to learn from his own mistakes, he can be selfish and proud. Luka will trust his own decisions and will be able to face his problems with self-reliance.

Jupiter in 10th house:

     Luka will be very successful in his profession, with many opportunities to advance and grow. Due to his leadership ability, honesty, and trust in himself, Luka can excel in politics or reach a high position in a corporation. He has a deep sense of justice and morality. Luka will be proud, materialistic, and very ambitious, and will receive recognition at an early age. His professional work will be extensive and he will feel fulfilled in the future.

Jupiter Conjunction Uranus:

     Luka will be very restless and will not like any kind of restriction. He will show a deep respect for knowledge; Luka will show interest in learning everything and in developing a great creative capacity. He will be attracted to new and progressive things. Luka will be generous and will always be encouraging to his friends. It is also possible that he will travel frequently.

Jupiter Square Pluto:

     Luka can be a dogmatic, fanatic, and arrogant person. He will be impatient and have problems with authority figures. His strong will can make him successful in whatever he chooses, but at the same time, Luka can have enemies due to his toughness and aggressiveness. Parents must respect his powerful will and must show him how to use it with a gentle touch.

Neptune in 9th house:

     Luka will be tolerant, intuitive, impressionable, and religious. He will be very interested in education, as well as social reforms. He will enjoy traveling, especially those trips which take him to exotic and faraway places. Luka will be able to communicate in different languages quite easily. It will be very important for him to try to temper his religious fanaticism; he should also develop a practical attitude toward his problems.

Chapter 3: Paternal figure: authority, power, capacity to assume responsibilities and to defend oneself in life.

Sun in 8th house:

     It is very important for Luka to be taught to properly handle money, care for possessions, and to learn to respect the property of others because later in life his career may involve managing or handling finances or possessions of other people. The relationship with his father can be rather tough, with deep disagreements and contrasts, along with, on the other hand, a great need for closeness. Both of them must share their respective ideas in a quiet way, as the two of them can learn a great deal from each other. Luka will feel very attracted to the mysteries of life and will be a great researcher. He will have great intuitive powers, and will be interested in occult sciences in general. Luka will live his life in an intense way; his emotions will be very deep and most likely he will be possessive and jealous. The material portion of his life will be favored by inheritance, bequests, marriage or gifts.

Sun Conjunction Mars:

     Luka will be dynamic, active, tireless, and very aggressive. He will love to compete and will always try to show his physical strength. Luka will not be very patient or flexible with people. He will act with authority, but will be selfish at the same time. This child will show everyone that he was born to follow no one. Luka will be a hard worker and will like being involved with corporations which seem risky. His bravery and courage give him the ability to excel in any sport. Luka will get angry quite easily, but will forget the whole thing with the same rapidity. His opinions will be very frank and open, though sometimes they can be a bit blunt. He must learn to be more careful and sensitive with the feelings of others. His energy will be endless, and if he is taught to direct it in a constructive way, he will be a winner in every field.

Sun Trine Saturn:

     Luka will gain great success in life due to his disciplined work and constant effort. He will be constant, faithful, responsible, and serious about his goals. He will have great concentration and a good sense of organization. Generally, his life will be orderly, healthy, and long. Luka will deeply admire his father, who probably will be a very successful person and will possess many characteristics that he will want to embrace as an adult. Luka will always be a person everybody can trust.

Sun Sextile Moon:

     Luka will possess emotional balance and the confidence to face all the problems in his life with strength. His childhood will prepare him for everything he will have to do in the future. Luka will have the ability to “go with the flow”, rather than going against it. Also, his inner balance will attract others, and he could be a popular person with the opposite sex.

Saturn in Libra:

     Luka will need a lot of time to make decisions and, though he will seem to be dominated by indecision, finally he will make the right choice. He will be very reserved and will probably have some problems with his social life. Though Luka will have few friends, they will be there forever. Luka will have a great sense of justice and will be a good judge or lawyer. He will always be very diplomatic and will express his opinions in a proper way. This astrological position can delay marriage or bring a serious person as a mate.

Saturn in 4th house:

     Luka will always be attached to his family and also to his past. He will feel responsible and worried about things around the home. Though he will have an inner independence, it will not be easy for him to leave his parents’ house. Luka will be very happy when he leaves the place where he was born. His parents can be very strict, conservative, and may impose too many responsibilities on him. He will need more emotional support and affection from his parents.

Mars in Aquarius:

     Instead of acting and working within the established order, Luka will try to do everything his own way, which can make him a very creative person as well as a revolutionary one. Luka will not be very attached to his family, will show a great deal of intelligence, and his energy will be expressed more in the mental sphere than in the physical one. Luka will be original and inventive, and he will be very rebellious toward authority figures, starting with his father and ending up with teachers, bosses, etc. Though he can be respectful of laws and rules which are logical and coherent, he will never obey them happily. As he grows, Luka will always try to benefit society in general, and he could become a politician or have an important job in the government where he could show his ability as a leader. Luka will be able to face every challenge of his life with tranquility and will think through every step. Luka must get plenty of physical activity to compensate for his enormous mental work.

Mars in 8th house

     Luka will be very intrepid, brave, and determined. He will experience every situation intensely and deeply. Luka will be attracted to risky situations, mystery, and danger, and his great courage will make him fearless. It is very important for Luka to take care of himself by moderating his habits; otherwise, he could be exposed to risks or accidents all his life. His sexual life will be very important, so he must receive a good education in this matter in order to dispense with taboos and preconceptions. He could also be interested in occult sciences and mysteries in general.  He would make an excellent researcher. If Luka decided to manage other people’s money, he could experience some problems or arguments.

Mars Trine Saturn:

     Luka will show great ability in directing his energies in an organized and disciplined way; he will know when to move and when to stop. His constructive energy will make him excel in any field of engineering or the military. Luka will be noble, sincere, and respectful of the rights of others. He will take care of his friends and family and will show great loyalty in his affections.

Uranus in 10th house:

     Luka will be very original, imaginative, altruistic, and humanitarian. His professional career will be atypical, unstable, and he will experience many changes in this area of his life. His interest will be in society as a whole or possibly in astrology and occult sciences. Luka will be a visionary and will be able to share his ideas with others and become a leader, although he may find some opposition to and disagreement with his original and unusual thoughts. He will make productive contributions to his profession on account of his futuristic vision.

Pluto in 6th house:

     Luka will take his job and his responsibilities very seriously; he will concentrate and dedicate himself totally to his profession. He will be extremely individualistic and will like working independently. Luka will be interested in nutrition and health on a personal level as well as for those around him; he will have a great need to help people and it will be a big part of his work, no matter what his profession. In order to avoid illness, it will be very good for him to channel his energies into activities which could release his anguishes, frustrations, and annoyances. Any kind of negative energy kept inside could cause health problems.

Chapter 4: Mentality: intelligence, studies and capacity for communication.

Mercury in Aquarius:

     Luka has a discriminating mind, with a great capacity to be original, creative, and progressive. He will cling stubbornly to his own ideas and will not respond to impositions or orders from others. Luka will be very curious, intuitive, and a good observer. His sharp mind will make him creative and clear about his opinions; he will rarely be dominated by his emotions when speaking. He will have a great intelligence which will allow him to become familiar with any subject quite rapidly or at least until he gets bored with it. His communication will be open, spontaneous, without restraint or prejudice. Luka will love to talk with everybody, especially those who attract his attention or curiosity. Though Luka seems to be flexible, he will not change his mind and will not be easily influenced. Luka will not worry about formalities, tradition, or social acceptance. His ideas are future-oriented and freedom-loving. Parents and friends may sometimes think he is an eccentric or may not understand him at all; the reality is that Luka lives far beyond the present.

Mercury in 8th house:

     His mind will be penetrating and it will be attracted by hidden and mysterious things. He will be very intuitive, reserved, and intriguing. As a child he will like detective and mystery stories in which he will use his own talent to solve the cases. Luka will have enormous abilities in handling others’ financial matters and possessions, and will be a good worker in fields like banking, management, or politics. Luka will not be very communicative; he will express himself with few words and without openness. He will usually try to keep quiet as he will probably feel that others misunderstand him.

Leo on 3rd house cusp:

     Luka’s mind will be creative as well as original. He will be interested in learning constructive and artistic subjects where he could express his multiple talents. Luka was born to command and to lead people; he will express his ideas with firmness, authority, and pride. In spite of his “take charge” attitude, his ideas and projects will be directed towards the benefit of others. He will work for the well-being of others with all his energy. Luka will probably excel in any artistic, literary, or teaching activity. His fantastic creativity will manifest in every thing he does; he will be very particular about his preferences.

Chapter 5: Destiny: vocation, profession, probability of success and social recognition.

Pisces-Aries MC

     Luka’s destiny will make him interested in natural sciences as well as in chemistry and engineering. He will be very motivated to follow his vocation, though he may lack perseverance. It will be important for him to be encouraged to complete his education; otherwise, he will progress slowly or possibly abandon his studies, as he will not have enough patience. Luka will be interested in work that involves fire, metals, and chemistry in general. As a youngster, Luka will show some confusion and indecision about his career and will change his direction more than once. As a grown-up, he will probably change jobs many times until middle-age or whenever he achieves stability. At that time, his ambitions will be firm and well defined and success will be his. His spirituality is linked to his goals.  It will be very important for him to feel useful and helpful. His great imagination and inspiration will give him artistic and literary abilities.

     His career choice may be one of these professions or a combination of some of them: veterinary medicine, botany, medicine, surgery, psychology, psychiatry, industrial chemistry, nursing, ecology, journalism, theater, etc., or any other profession where Luka could employ both his imagination and his wish to serve.

     It is probable that in his home his parents could be very busy. Luka will need some support. This is why he will probably be confused or frustrated about making decisions. He will have to have positive friends, as people will easily influence him. Natives of the signs Pisces and Aries will have a strong influence on his destiny.

Chapter 6: Health: probable physical problems and recommendations for diet and nutrition.

Sun in Aquarius:

     Aquarius rules the ankles, the tibia, the fibula, and everything related to the nervous energy of the body. Luka will be very active, tense, and rhythmic almost to the point of vibrating. He will become easily exhausted and then his batteries will be charged again quite easily, but his main problem will be that he will go from one extreme to the other, making recuperation very difficult. His nervous problems will be very common: stress, depression, hysteria, etc., so his diet must include foods rich in the B Vitamins. Luka will have an attraction for macrobiotic and vegetarian diets, which will be very rigorous as well as irregular. He will have to learn to relax and to channel his energies in an organized way.

     In order to be healthy, Luka will have to follow this advice: he will have to avoid nervous exhaustion by sleeping regular hours, performing meditation, relaxation, and breathing Yoga exercises; he will have to avoid meat and follow a vegetarian diet, focused on fresh fruits and vegetables and a weekly fast; he will have to avoid any kind of self-medication as well as practicing any kind of experiment with his own body; he will have to have a more organized way of living, especially with his time-table, trying to go to sleep a little bit earlier and having better communication with his friends; he will have to practice a sport as well as mental exercises to develop his intuition; and mainly, avoid every sort of excess.

Saturn in Libra:

     This astrological position could bring a poor condition of filtration to remove the urea from the blood, renal, or urinary retention, obstruction in the kidneys because of the presence of calcium stones, suppression of the urine, or blood disease caused by renal malfunction.

Sagittarius on 6th house cusp:

     The short term problems related to Luka’s health could originate from the excessive ingestion of fat and the lack of Vitamins B-6 and K, cholin, inositol, lecithin. His problem areas will be the liver, pancreas, or the gall bladder; there will also be a tendency to accumulate fat in the hips, dislocation in the bones, and accidents in the thighs.

     In order to prevent these problems Luka should include in his diet: soybeans and products, white beans, lentils, carrots, chick peas, brown rice, cereals in general, wheat germ, banana, peach, walnuts, sunflower seeds, avocado, grape, orange, melon, strawberry, pumpkin and sesame seeds, non-fat milk, plain yogurt, fresh cheese, bee pollen, etc.

     The long term problems related to Luka’s health could originate from the lack of B Vitamins, which could affect the nervous and breathing systems. His common diseases will be colds, catarrh, bronchitis, stress, asthma, pneumonia, and other problems caused by nervous exhaustion.

     It will be good for him to maintain the diet mentioned above, plus: all the legumes, whole grains, walnuts and seeds. It will also be important not to smoke and to avoid stuffy places.

Venus in 6th house:

     Luka could have some problems with the metabolism of sugar and starch; he could also have vision, hearing and some other problems originating from laziness and the lack of physical activity. Luka should avoid eating white sugar, replacing it by some other natural element like honey, non-refined sugar, rice molasses, etc.

Pluto in 6th house:

     Luka could have genetic or hereditary related problems that are difficult to diagnose; also problems with the degeneration of the cells or the alteration of their growth, and a diminution or a deficiency of the immune system. This astrological position is associated with the deep and unconscious changes of life, with intense emotions and with aggressiveness.  If the negative emotions are not released or transformed, physical problems will appear. The seriousness of his diseases will depend on the degree of his personal fulfillment: the fewer frustrations and resentments, the better his health will be.

Chapter 7: Generational influence: ideas and feelings common to your child’s age group.

Uranus in Pisces:

     Luka’s generation is creative and artistically inspired.  They will promote and contribute to music, theater, literature, and philosophy. They will create new styles, which will be expressed in very refined ways and will last through time. They will also be interested in mystical matters as well as non-Western philosophies. Luka will have good intentions in his heart; he will be intuitive, idealistic, and very imaginative. However, his great sensitivity could make him restless and quick to react to everything. Most likely, Luka will have an escapist attitude about dealing with problems and will be very uncomfortable with any display of aggression.

Neptune in Aquarius:

     Luka’s generation will be progressive and broad-minded about accepting new philosophical and religious ideas. They will have great intuition and inspiration to create new things in many areas. Scientific advances will be remarkable during this period and the inventions of machines and new elements to improve everyday life will be surprising in their originality. As a part of his generation, Luka will have a detached emotional attitude, an ability to understand abstraction, and a great creativity which will be applied in practical and brilliant ways. He will be concerned with humanitarian issues and will be living in a period when social reforms will lead to the beginning of a peaceful and harmonious world.

Pluto in Capricorn:

     Luka’s generation will have a practical and realistic vision of life. They will work very hard to improve life within society in every aspect; many of them will be real political leaders or economic reformers. They will be eager to assume their responsibilities and they will be always ready for action, though they may neglect their emotional needs as a consequence. As a part of this group, Luka will show great perseverance, ambition, and capacity to organize and manage in an efficient manner. He will be very conservative and materialistic. He should learn how to express his emotions more openly.