Dear Friends and all spiritual souls,

Atma Namaste,

After awesome feedback on the Life Path Report of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui (GMCKS), I got inspiration to explore more about him.

Due to current situation I wish to inspire you to explore your best way to help create World Peace and spiritual growth!

MCKS Institute for Inner Studies which gives us master’s teachings and tools to create better life for ourselves and help create World Peace motivated me to explore and share with you Master’s reports for Spiritual Development.

The first Master’s report which I wish to share with you is World Peace Report. It shows us his way to create World Peace. While reading the Masters World Peace astrology report, I had a feeling as if master was working according to astrological intructions, that is how accurate this is.

If we want to give our best to the world, we need to explore ourselves and astrology can help us find the best way for us to help make World Peace within and on our planet.

If you are wondering about this report and are inspired by it, I recommend you to find and get yours.

Enjoy reading and listening to master’s World Peace report.

With Love and Respect,
Jure Jeraj.

World Peace Astrology Report of Master Choa Kok Sui

Chapter 1: Rising Sign

Ascendant in Scorpio:
Your outward personality through which your Inner Light and all of the various planetary influences in your chart are expressed, is creative, intense and probing.  Others would tend to see you as someone who could get to the deeper truth of any matter, and they would appreciate your investigative skills.  Your courage would be an inspiration to them to look deeper within themselves and get to know themselves as they really are.  They would then discover their hidden resources and be able to come forth with a stronger belief that the world has the potential to overcome its problems and have peace.

Chapter 2: The Sun

Sun in Leo:
You are a natural leader, and as long as your personality is guided by your spirit rather than your ego, you are able to awaken others to the love of life and the positive enthusiasm needed to make a better world.  You can show others that creating world peace can be fun.  You can dramatize the joy which people can have if they are getting along with one another.  You can lift them out of their doubts and negativity and inspire their hearts to care about others and to give generously.  You can remind them that happy children are a symbol of what a peaceful world can bring.  Others will listen to you and be drawn to you, so make sure that your message for them is positive and uplifting, and your own joy will increase too.

Sun in the 9th house:
You would excel as a positive, dynamic, inspiration leader.  You could work as a minister, yogi, lecturer, or new-age publisher.  You are a living example of how there is enough healing energy to uplift the planet, and you can do much to teach others by your example.  You may find that it is your mission to travel to foreign countries, in order to spread joy, faith and optimism.  Always remember that the truth is that you and others can find the Universal Light within, and that it can and should be the guiding force for the world.

Sun Square Mars:
You have a strong will on one hand and a drive for action on the other.  If used properly, this combination can result in overcoming many challenges.  However, you need to be very spiritually attuned to ensure that you are rising above your ego and not acting impulsively.  You could benefit from martial arts training, particularly if it is combined with meditation and/or a spiritual philosophy.  You have a wonderful supply of dynamic energy and, once you harness it, you could uplift many people, motivating them to good cheer and positive actions.

Sun Square Jupiter:
The Sun and Jupiter both provide very dynamic, fiery energy.  On one hand, you want to express yourself and manifest your own willpower and, on the other hand, you want to uplift the world. What you need to do is to combine these two very powerful drives in a constructive way.  That is, rise above any temptation to be egotistical or self-indulgent and discover how to be a very spiritual, strong-willed healer of the planet.  You need to tie in to how you can get all of your energy to be expressed where it is most needed.  How can you reach those who need to be uplifted?  How can you get faithful followers to help you?  What is your message for others? Once you have worked out what your mission is, you will be a great, spiritual leader who will heal many.

Sun Conjunct Pluto:
You have command of two very powerful energies here – the Sun, which is the creative force in the solar system, and Pluto, which is the outer extreme of the solar system.  You can tap the creative force and bring it out into your conscious awareness as a healing, life force.  You can also come to understand the ultimate purpose of it all and know where to direct the life force in accordance with the greater plan.  By combining these two very intense influences, you can bring more vitality into the world situation and regenerate the positive, spiritual awareness which will guide the individuals on earth towards enlightenment and peace.

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Chapter 3: The Moon

Moon in Cancer:
If you maintain a positive emotional outlook, you will feel more secure about the state of the world.  Acquire the nurturing you need, pertaining to your feelings about your upbringing, the well being of your family members, and your perception of world events.  Realize that real security comes from within and that, therefore, you already have all the inner resources you need to feel secure.  Your role as a protector and nurturer for your family is a very important contribution to yourself, to them, and to the world, and it deserves as much status and support as any other role.  As long as you are emotionally clear yourself, you will be assured that you and your family are really more secure than you may have imagined.

Moon in the 9th house:
You may live in a country far away from your birth and, if so, you would have an opportunity to promote harmony among different cultures.  Your upbringing is likely to have given you a sound, traditional religious background and good values which would serve you well anywhere. Make sure that you promote the true essence of religion, which is love and tolerance, rather than give others the impression that you think that your beliefs are better than theirs.  As long as you think positive thoughts, you will be able to uplift the faith of many.

Moon Trine Mars:
You are a strong protector of your family and your way of life, and you are able to do this in such a way as to encourage the goodwill of others.  That is because you also care about other people’s families and cultures, as your religion or philosophy would teach you.  You are able to maintain harmony within your family with your positive attitude, and you set a good example as to how harmony could be constructively and caringly achieved in the world.

Chapter 4: Mercury

Mercury in Leo:
You are cheerful, positive, dynamic, and able to see the big picture.  Always remember that your ego, although important, is ruled by your inner spirits and must be used in ways to help others see their own worth too.  You would have a talent for speaking out about peace, as an articulate leader, and you could be very effective if you were to speak out about how each person is very important in creating would peace, and that this is best done by having each person’s light shine.

Mercury in the 9th house:
This position has great potential for bringing people of different religions together.  You would enjoy travel to other lands and studies of other cultures.  You may study philosophy or comparative religion at the university level.  You could help persuade people to open up their minds to new ideas and to look for the common ground in their differing ideologies.

Mercury Square Jupiter:
You have many idealistic thoughts and a drive to uplift others with your positive outlook.  In order to take full advantage of this ability, you would do well to apply your willpower towards higher education or other spiritual studies.  As you tend to be assertive in promoting your ideas, make sure that you listen to what others have to say too, so that there can be a peaceful, mutual exchange.  If you work at it, you may be very successful in publishing ideas which would contribute to the intellectual and spiritual advancement of the world.

Mercury Sextile Neptune:
You have a special talent for bringing together your conscious mind and your unconscious awareness for the creation of peace.  You could do this through poetry, song, or psychic readings. You would convey to others the message that peace can best be achieved by combining reason with higher compassion.

Mercury Conjunct Pluto:
You understand the importance of the choices of words used in the mass media for world peace. Positive words have a positive impact on people’s thoughts and actions.  You would make a good investigative reporter, finding out the real story and sharing the real facts with the readers.  That is because you start with a positive expectation of the readers: You believe in their right to know the truth and you have faith in them to use the facts for the purposes of good.

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Chapter 5: Venus

Venus in Virgo:
Your natural contribution to peace comes from the fact that you work hard to achieve perfection in everything you do.  You get along well with others and are willing to do your share, and this makes for harmony and effective cooperation.  Meditate on beauty and orderliness, and you will be better than most people at promoting these values.

Venus in the 10th house:
Your approach to bringing about peace is to have harmonious relationships with persons in high positions, to that you can influence them in a positive way.  You could be effective in encouraging politicians to come to peaceful agreement with their counterparts.  As you may have the opportunity to control a fair amount of wealth, you could make sure that the money is spent in ways which will further world peace.

Chapter 6: Mars

Mars in Scorpio:
You have tremendous potential for your actions to have a far-reaching effect, so the way to have the maximum positive effect, and results you will be happy with, is to make sure that your actions are divinely guided.  You would have excellent results with techniques which delve deep into your subconscious and neutralize any negativity, such as deeper meditation or the development of positive willpower and self-control through the martial arts.  If you first master your own, very powerful energies, your ability to transform the negativity in the world into peace will be phenomenal.

Mars in the 12th house:
You have the potential for the highest of compassionate actions.  In order to reach this level, you first need to become very knowledgeable about your own unconscious mind and feelings.  You need to clear out any emotional blockages from past hurts or disappointments, so that you will be acting from your true, living self rather than from emotional baggage.  First accept that it is okay to recognize these feelings, and then work on changing your underlying perceptions to more positive ones.  Be assured that such change is possible.  The more work you do on your very valuable emotions, the more you will be free of the past and the more you will have to give.

Mars Opposition Jupiter:
You need to resolve the apparent dilemma between taking physical action on one hand and respecting higher, religious beliefs on the other.  The key to doing this is to learn and experience holistic healing techniques which focus on the unity of body, mind and spirit.  It is possible to take physical actions which are in harmony with the spirit, provided that the blockages standing in the way of this are cleared out.  Work on getting rid of any false guilt, resentment or anger from your past.  You will then be a living example for others as to how to live more peacefully.

Mars Square Pluto:
You have an unusual ability to take positive actions which will have a far-reaching effect in the world.  You need to learn to control your intense energies, so that you will achieve great good rather than great harm.  Seek out the best yogis, martial arts instructors and other experts in the positive development of physical energies and spiritual awareness, because you are here to fulfil a great and rare destiny.  You are here to help put the planet back on its true, spiritual course and to create peace.  Lead peace meditations; teach aggressive people how to take the higher road; neutralize the greatest blocks to lasting peace by bringing in the Light.

Chapter 7: Jupiter and Saturn

Jupiter in Taurus:
Money comes easily to you, but your use of it needs to be inspired by the highest, spiritual good in order for you to find real, inner security and inspire peace in the world.  You are naturally very honest, and you seek to find the most meaningful way to invest your wealth.  A suggestion would be to look into companies which create a “green economy” – that is, those which promote a clean environment through the use of alternative energy.  Another possibility would be sustainable agriculture.  Make sure that the people working in your projects have the best working conditions possible and a sense of self-improvement and optimism for building a bright, common future.

Jupiter in the 6th house:
You would be very interested in what can be learned from different cultural and religious traditions about holistic healing.  Each culture has something to contribute to our understanding of the potential unity of mind, body and spirit.  Each culture has a different piece of the puzzle as to how to heal and uplift the planet.  You could help many persons as a holistic practitioner, or as a health care worker in a land where your services are greatly needed.

Jupiter Sextile Uranus:
You would be interested in developing a new religion or belief system which would transcend partisan barriers and bring everyone together in creating world peace.  You have very high spiritual awareness yourself, in your positive faith and your contact with the Universal Mind. Your ideas about spirituality would appeal to intelligent, thinking people and would encompass the best and highest values of all religions.  You would be able to show others how to move beyond antiquated, social customs which have become associated with religion, but which are not really part of it, in its true meaning.

Jupiter Square Pluto:
You have a great deal of faith and goodwill, and the challenge facing you is how to get this higher, spiritual awareness to the masses.  However, you have the willpower and the ability to put your beliefs into action.  You could help bring about a tremendous regeneration of positive thinking about peace on a mass level, because of your determination to reach people with the message of the ultimate, peaceful purpose of Creation.  You could get people to believe that, if they live good lives, they can turn the planet around and fulfil their intended, spiritual destiny.

Saturn in Libra:
Saturn gives the ability for hard work, perseverance and determination.  Libra gives the ability to bring about peace through mediation.  Saturn in Libra indicates the ability to work long and hard until peace is achieved.  You likely came from a family background in which an enduring marriage was considered essential, and where compromises had to be made on both sides to make the long-term union viable.  You would have learned from this the vision of success, if peace is pursued.

Saturn in the 11th house:
You are very serious about the concept of equality for all, and you will work hard to bring about tolerance.  Make sure that, in doing so, you set a good example of tolerance towards those whose behaviour you wish to change, so that you will have credibility with them.  Remember that there is the potential for even those who seem harsh to you to become your friends, so work to build on what you have in common with them.

Saturn Square Uranus:
You are faced with the question of how the old can be integrated with the new, in order to achieve peace.  However, by working hard, you will find that you can take the best of how things were done in the past and combine that with new innovations which will work.  There is a need for reform, but there should still be structure in order to have stability.  Involve others as equals in the process of constructively solving problems, especially a responsible group of people.

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Chapter 8: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

Uranus in Cancer:
You may be interested in the cause of the family and of the support of your own cultural group. You are also open-minded about how others may view the family, and you would be interested in linking together with other cultural groups to share the benefits of your traditions.  You would have ability to help those who feel a “culture clash” between the way they were raised and the demands of modern society.

Uranus in the 8th house:
You are likely to experience many changes in your material circumstances, but you can deal with this because you have unusually keen, higher intuition and spiritual insights to see beyond these conditions to the real, ultimate truth.  You can see that peace can be regenerated if people are willing to give up their attachment to wealth and strive for higher values.  You could help others to see that change is okay and that it is necessary for growth.

Uranus Square Neptune:
You are aware that world peace requires greater tolerance and equality for all, but the challenge is how to make a difference when there are so many poor people in need.  However, you discover that by working together in a group effort with others of your generation, you are able to reach out with great compassion to the most oppressed, poorest people and elevate their status to that of equal people who are loved.

Neptune in Libra:
You were born at a time when people had very idealistic views of peace.  They believed in compassion for the poor and the disadvantaged, and they stood up for the rights of those who could not defend themselves.  They were in tune with the idea that how you treated others is ultimately how you will be treated yourself.  Many of the peace negotiations were being carried out in secret, but were nevertheless taking place.

Neptune in the 11th house:
You are very concerned about helping humanity as a whole.  You could lead spiritual groups in which the members meditate together on healing the planet.  You could reach others as an astrologer, minister, or psychologist.  You might find a way to use computers to get across a message of compassion for the world.

Neptune Sextile Pluto:
You were born into an age when there was a subtle awareness that world peace could be created if individuals chose in large enough numbers to treat one another with compassion and kindness. There were many spiritual visions of peace, which appeared in music, art and mass communication.  The knowledge of how to bring about peace was there, but it needed to be brought down into the physical plane of actual action, for there to be enough love and spiritual regeneration in everyday life.  The willpower was needed to overcome addictions and material attachments, in order to make the wisest use of the readily available, profound, channelled, higher insights.

Pluto in Leo:
You were born into a generation when people were coming to realize the intense importance of happy children.  The society was geared towards child-raising, education and recreation.  All of these elements contributed to a joyful, peaceful society.  Mass forms of entertainment became popular such as television, which when used with spiritual guidance behind it, became a potential vehicle for peace and understanding to be spread in a pleasant way.

Pluto in the 9th house:
You are concerned with the moral regeneration of the planet and the need to raise the mass, spiritual level of consciousness in order to overcome its problems.  Begin with an exploration of your own destiny and your inner reasons for being here on this planet.  What type of mission are you here to achieve?  Then ask yourself what you need to know in order to uplift others and make them more aware too.  Then undertake the studies you need in order to carry out your purpose.  You may wish to explore faith healing, transformative therapies, yoga, or traditional religion.  Your work may take you to other countries and you will heal many.

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