The Chiron and Asteroid Gems Report ๐Ÿ“‘+๐ŸŽง


Chiron is only one of many energies in an astrological chart. Discovered in 1977, it is considered to be a Minor Planet. Astrologically it shows where and how there have been woundings, where we might find a loophole if it is needed, where an adjustment is needed, where we are a maverick, and it draws attention to what a person is doing to damage himself. This awareness can lead to a turning point so that healing can take place. The signs tell how we have been wounded. The planets tell the kind of wound. The houses tell the areas of our lives that are affected. The aspects to Chiron modify the ease or difficulty of reaching the turning point where the wounds we all have may be healed.

The North Node represents areas of our life that need to be developed. The new is not yet familiar, but we get our greatest fulfillment from this development. The nodes also have to do with relating and relationships. Frequently the nodes are activated when someone or something comes into our lives, whether this is a person, a new job, or a new environment. Nodes may also be activated when someone or something goes out of oneโ€™s life too.

The asteroids add a wealth of information in a chart that is often ignored. This report is limited to the โ€œmain ones,โ€ Ceres, Pallas, Vesta, and Juno, which were all discovered in the nineteenth century and were the first. These are mainly concerned with the feminine side of human nature of both sexes since we all have a masculine and a feminine side. We think of four of the feminine roles: Ceres, the mother; Pallas, the daughter; Vesta, the sister; and Juno, the wife.



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