Spiritual Transformation 📑


Many people, in fact, all members of humanity who have not yet healed to the point of turning into Light – have the lingering effects of one or more past traumas which are preventing their full potential from manifesting. Some of these past experiences may be recent; some may be things which happened in your childhood that we might not even remember, and some may have come from prenatal events or events which happened before we were even conceived. This report will give you many ideas to help you transcend any past traumas. Your Chiron could be looked at too.

The concept of Retrogradation could be added, but retrograde planets just give the illusion that you are stuck in your past when really you have moved on. If you imagine you are on a moving train and another train is moving more slowly beside you, it will look as if the other train is moving backwards when really it is not. Similarly, the motions of the planets can sometimes make you think you have a problem from the past when you do not.

Astrology is an excellent tool for zeroing in on where each individual’s blocks may be and then suggesting new ways of thinking which will bring about healing and freedom from the past.

Other theories of past reconstruction tend to be unnecessarily tedious, expensive and usually unproductive.  Our beliefs are the thoughts which create our actions. Even if the new belief seems impossible at first, you will be surprised at how fast you start to notice positive changes.



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