Hidden Messages 📑+🎧


This report describes subconscious issues that can affect your attitude towards life, and in particular how your relationship with your parents can be affecting your personality.

We  are  all  looking  for  unconditional  love.  Most  of  us  never  got  it.  When  we  fall  in  love  we  think,  “Now,  finally,  here  is  someone  who  will  give  me  the  (unconditional)  love  I’ve  always  wanted.”

So  we  marry.  Then  it  starts because  we’re  not  programmed  for  love.  Instead,  we  are  programmed  to  duplicate  our  parents’  relationship.  Because  of  this  programming,  even  if  we  found  someone  who  loved  us  unconditionally,  we  would  have  to  push  them  away.

How  can  we  attract  what  we  are  not  programmed  to  receive?  We  can’t until  we  take  a  conscious  look  at  what  we  are  programmed  to  attract.  Only  then  can  we  change  our  lives.

This  program  is  designed  to  help  us  do  just  that, because it reveales hidden messages from our father, mother, their parents and all the relationships that have been transfered from generation to generation.



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