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Business Forecast report is based on the birth date of the owner, founder, or major associate of the business in question. In case there is more than one relevant associate, it is advisable to consult the Business Forecast for the second associate as well.

To obtain this report, the party should provide an approximate time for the business or project to be opened. The report then will give relevant dates for the most advantageous and least desirable time to proceed with it. The date of astrological validity is the one on which the business started to serve the public. This is the real “birth” of the business, while everything else constitutes the period of “gestation” of that enterprise.

This report is only orientation that explains the “squares” and “oppositions” and gives advice and practical solutions for the businesses. This is especially useful for those that already have opened their business and read this report to find out what astrological aspects were in effect at the time they started their business. In case of harmonious aspects (trines and sextiles) suggestions are also given on how to obtain the maximum benefits of that astrological influence.

The peak dates possess the purest influence. It is recommended to make use of the harmonious peak dates. The mixture of influences is avoided in case there is more than one aspect during given days.



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