Astrology Transits for 6 months 📑


This amazing Astrology transits by great astrologer David Cochrane describes what the stars have in stroe for you in the next 6 months. The report compares the planetary configurations of your natal chart with the movement of the planets during next 6 months.

Depending on what planets are involved and what aspects they make between each other, certain events can be predicted in your life. This service is especially useful when pepole are in the process of making new plans and want to consult with the stars whether their plans are in accordance with the great cosmic strategy or not. Although astrology can be used as a useful indicator, the astrological trends report is not going to tell you exactly what will happen (you will fall in love on 27th of May). However, it can tell you that this period is favorable for romance and marriage, but it will not deny your free will. The report can reveal to you what the planetary influences will be for you in the coming period, but it is up to you to decide if you want to act in accordance to these influences or to counteract them.



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