Jure Jeraj

Author and creator of astro-reports.com

Jure Jeraj is known as a professional athlete with more than 16 years international experience.

In addition to his career in sports, he has been researching and practicing various systems and methods of personal growth and development in areas such as sport, healthy diet, manual techniques, biotherapy, energetic medicine, spiritual growth and meditation. While sports career he study diferents skills in diferents countries such as Slovenia, Spain, Serbia, Qatar, Turkey, India, Nepal, Italy, Portual, Rusia and Germany.

Today he works as a Pranic Healer, acupressure chair massager, organizer, designer, creator and internet activist, who is passionate about advocating a healthy lifestyle, psichology, astrology and non-invasive methods of healing.

He is also author of a universal website for personal growth and development www.potdozdravja.si and pranichealing.si.