Solar Report For

Cristiano Ronaldo

5 February 1985, Time: 5:25
Funchal, Portugal

Solar Return calculated from

5 February 2019 to 5 February 2020
Turin, Italy


     The Solar Return is a chart calculated for the time that the Sun arrives at the exact position of the Sun in your natal chart. That happens once every year around your birthday, but at a different time each year. This chart is calculated for the time of the Sun’s return this year and marks the principal events for the year from birthday to birthday. This report also gives the location of your Solar Return. From this, it can be determined that some places are more favorable than others. With the aid of more than one report you could analyze the changes that are produced in the Solar Return Reports, choosing from different locations where you would want to spend the day.

     This report essentially is divided into two parts. The first part analyzes the general external conditions of the year: opportunities and problems that could occur in different areas. For the benefit of students of astrology, the influence of the Ascendant and Midheaven of the return are described as well as that of the Sun and Moon.

     The second part analyzes the twelve astrological houses, marking specifically in what area of your life the various astral influences will be manifested, emphasizing your probable responses and inner changes. This section analyzes the position of the solar houses on the natal houses, the planetary conjunctions, and the location of the planets in the houses. You will be given a description of the most important matters derived from the placement of the planets in the houses, which are outlined in the text for each of them.

     In some cases you will find contradictions. A planet may be beneficial in a certain area, while others may indicate the opposite situation. This means that you could have two types of possible situations during the year. For example: a lover’s quarrel and a following reconciliation. To get the most out of this report, it will be necessary to use your own logic and intuition, fitting the descriptions outlined here to your own particular case.

     The objective of this report is to offer you a practical guide that helps you to analyze this year’s prospects and to learn from them using your free will.

Chapter 1: General characteristics of the year. The external conditions.

Solar Return Ascendant Gemini :

     You won’t be bored this year as it promises to bring a great deal of diverse activities, perhaps too many interests for you to choose from. There will be a tendency to start many things without being able to finish them during this period or in the future. You should control the number of projects you tackle and concentrate on the ones that can feasibly be completed in a reasonable amount of time so that you don’t scatter your energies. Short trips and more moving around than you usually do will be favorable during this period.

Your mental and intellectual activity will be increased, causing a desire to engage in some type of learning in order to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Your mind will be very alert, clear and quick, enabling you to find immediate solutions to the problems that may arise.

     If by nature you are a calm and easy going person, during this year you will accelerate and become more talkative and curious. If you are nervous and tense already, you should try to slow down somewhat and rest every time you feel a need for it. The emphasis is on positive communication with many people on a daily basis.

     In dealing with relatives, neighbors and people in your everyday environment you should use care, for it is possible that they may try to influence you with their ideas which may not always be in your best interest. Discuss your plans only with those people who will not try to hinder your endeavors, but avoid lengthy, drawn-out conversations.

     During this period you will find it very difficult to work under pressure. Impatience and anxiety will be your worst enemy this year. Due to this condition, there may be many changes and modifications that could impel you to become involved in projects that you never dreamed of.

     Due to the fact that you will probably be more tense and restless than usual, it is important that you guard against possible health problems, such as respiratory difficulties like colds, flu, pulmonary congestion and bronchitis, by getting adequate exercise and relaxation and spending some quality time outdoors.

     You will tend to meet people who have different beliefs than you who will open up new possibilities for you to explore.  You will be especially attracted to Sagittarians who will be a positive influence on you.

     This general uncertainty has the same effect on your love life, where it could produce changes or even new conquests, infidelity or seduction. If you are married, you need to break away from your daily routine and find some new way of excitement to prevent a marital crisis.

Solar Return MC Aquarius:

     This will be a year of changes and improvement in your professional life. It could bring improved working conditions, the launching of new  projects, possible job changes and the development of exciting new ideas for the future. Your objectives will be far-reaching, progressive, and unusual. Your activity will be related to groups of people – clubs, organizations, associations, committees, etc. – and you will search for cooperative activity that benefits you as well as others. You will receive help from influential or powerful friends, and you will rely on favors from the public in general, which will increase your prestige and popularity.

     If your usual work is related to communication, computers, electronics, aviation, investigation, or music, this will be a very positive year. No matter what kind of work you are doing, you will want and seek to have a break in your daily routine and make, as much as possible, certain changes or alterations in your schedule.

     During this period it is important to develop your own creativity, and to work as much as possible to the benefit of your community or to other groups of people. If your goal is to serve others in some way, you will also find yourself growing spiritually.  Don’t let fear of change or breaking out of the ordinary stop you from accomplishing your goals this year.

     You won’t tolerate a lot of authority from your boss or anyone else who tries to limit your freedom. Your independence will be strongly accentuated during this year.

     This influence also increases the importance and the quality of life in your own home. It would be a good time to purchase real estate or make investments that increase the value of your property. During this period it is likely that you will invest money in things that will enhance your home. You will value the good life and want the best for yourself and your loved ones.  However, don’t expect to get total acceptance of your professional plans and projects from those you live with. It is possible that you may have to deal with someone important to you who has some opposition to what you are doing and doesn’t agree with your new objectives.

Chapter 2: Astrological influence of your personality.

Sun in 10th house:

     No matter what difficulties you may have in your life, this will be a year of progress and advancement. Your ambitions will be very strong.  And you have a will to work hard and to get your ideas across to others.

     During this period your professional success and the recognition of your work will increase. You could receive honor and prestige and an increased sense of satisfaction. If you work for someone else, you might get a promotion along with a raise for taking on responsibility and authority. If you are independent, you will find your customers or clientele increasing due to your positive and professional attitude toward your work. In either case, you can count on aid from others who are in a position to offer the necessary help for your advancement.

     Your ambitions and important goals will thoroughly fill your mind and you will have the necessary energy to achieve them. It will be important that you are confident in your own decisions, ideas and intuition because success will only come if you trust yourself.

     You will probably make certain purchases or investments that will improve the quality of your life, changing your social status or economic situation.  There could be a paternal figure entering your life who will also be prominent in assisting you.

     Remember that this is to be a year of advancement, even if other adverse astrological influences are present. It should be possible to resolve your problems to your satisfaction due to your dynamic, determined and active participation.

Sun conjunction Moon:

     This astrological influence is very strong and accentuates the possibilities outlined in the previous paragraph. The energy of these two adjacent luminaries could be very intense. You will be more sensitive and will react more strongly to things around you. The New Moon under which your birthday falls indicates new experiences, initiatives, and success in projects that are begun in this period. This energy is concentrated in the house that the Sun occupies during this year (as described in the previous paragraph) and will benefit you immensely.

     You may also become more sentimental and have the need to strengthen your family ties. Your interest in discovering your roots will increase and you will feel more connected and attached to those who have had an influence on your childhood and your early home environment. This influence also favors contact with the public, especially women.

Sun conjunction Mercury:

     Your ideas will be on the right track this year. You will be able to understand situations better and put things in their proper place. Communication will be important to you and this influence will prompt you to keep your correspondence up to date and to stay in contact with your friends. You probably will take one or several short trips, especially if other astrological factors in this report indicate the same.

Sun conjunction MC:

     Your ambitions and desire for progress will be accented. You will concentrate your energy on your work, search for a higher position, and fight to achieve your objectives with a strong will. This year your ego will dictate and will be expressed as never before.  Your relationship with your superiors could be beneficial or detrimental to your progress. If your boss agrees with your goals, you will get all the support you need. But if he is not supportive of your ideas, you will face opposition and restriction. Try to use diplomacy and tact in dealing with this. This influence also favors your personal plans and goals. If you were to undertake an independent activity, it would work out very well.

     As a result of this year you will have a more impressive reputation. You will be more exposed to the public than usual. You may receive criticism or opposition, but it will only strengthen your position. Put all your energy into your professional or work projects, and you will get the success and progress that is due you. This is a year of action and big achievements.

Sun sextile Jupiter:

     This will be a very favorable and happy year. You will be experiencing some very positive energy that will enable you to resolve your problems very easily. As a matter of fact, because of your enthusiasm and optimistic outlook, this could be a very lucky year. You will be very willing to work hard and eager to take action with a smile on your face. The area of your life where you will experience a period of general expansion and growth is to be found in the house that is occupied by the Sun this year (described in the previous paragraph) and in the house occupied by Jupiter (described later on). Your social life will increase and bring you in contact with more influential and powerful people.

     If you are involved in some type of litigation or legal process, it will be settled in your favor. Your sense of justice will increase along with the desire to acquire more knowledge. You will seek out new experiences and will have a strong desire to travel this year.

     This will be a year to harvest all that was cultivated in previous years.

Sun semisquare Venus:

     You may encounter, and have to deal with, some unresolved romantic problems from the past. Stay calm and develop a positive attitude toward your partner, as well as your social life in general. The irritations and displeasures caused by others could be the reflection of your own inner uneasiness. This aspect generates a desire for comfort and pleasure, which could lead to disruptions in your routine, followed by a possible loss of income. Do your best to control these yearnings and search for a creative solution for your inner dissatisfaction.

Sun semisextile Saturn:

     Stability and perseverance in achieving your objectives will stand out during this time. You will be more realistic and objective, which will allow you to organize and direct your energies better. Success this year depends on being constant in that which you propose to do.

     You will rely on the support of close friends and those in authority, and you will receive it because of your responsible and trustworthy attitude.

Sun semisextile Neptune:

     Your intuition, imagination, and inspiration will increase. Your idealism will be balanced and you will feel in harmony with yourself. Trust your perceptions and your intuition. Your interest in the occult sciences will be renewed and it would be good time to practice meditation exercises or those that help to develop your spirituality.

Chapter 3: The emotional world.

Solar Return Moon in Aquarius :

     You will be very restless during this year. You will be very active, continually needing stimuli to keep you going. Otherwise, you will be bored, especially with your daily routine. You will search for new experiences and a greater social life. Participating in group activities of any type would be very favorable. You will need to relate and exchange ideas with other people who have the same interests.

     Your love and appreciation for true friendship will stand out this year. You will be surrounded by very good people and will avoid those you don’t consider compatible. You may have frequent changes, but the end result will be positive. You also will be interested in meeting people who are different from you in personality or lifestyle. Your curiosity will bring you in touch with unusual people who will enrich your view of the world. Your behavior during this time will surprise people who were accustomed to always seeing you in the same way.

     You will become less inhibited and more expressive. This will make you more popular, but it could also expose you to some criticism. There is a possibility that some time this year you may be involved in some media activity, like radio or television.

     In your relationships with women, you would do better by keeping  things on a friendship basis as much as possible, not applying any type of pressure. This will insure a more harmonious year. During this year you will want to give others the same amount of personal freedom that you desire for yourself.

     You will be more intuitive than usual and will have a more progressive and visionary attitude toward life. Your ideas will be more concerned with the future than with the past, and you will be more unpredictable, likely to make sudden, unexpected changes.

     If by nature you are a nervous type, you should search for creative ways to relieve your tension, because, otherwise, you will suffer an undue amount of stress. You will be experiencing an unusual amount of electrical energy flowing through you which can be relieved by being more physically active. Creative and artistic activities also would be very favorable.

Solar Return Moon in 10th house:

     You could be more involved with the public in some way this year,  but it may not necessarily increase your popularity or approval rating. The acceptance or rejection of your work will depend in great measure on the conclusions drawn in the following paragraphs. Although you may receive some measure of fame and recognition, this astrological position does not promise any long-lasting results. The achievements you have could be short-lived. These ensuing changes you make could be made with your emotions, rather than your rational mind. Therefore, they could be incorrect or unwise decisions. You must try to be more rational. Don’t let yourself get carried away and act too impulsively when you have to make important decisions.

     You will count on the support of people in authority to help your achieve your goals.  Women, especially, can be of assistance to you at this time.

Moon conjunction Mercury:

     Your thinking will be strongly influenced by your emotions, which will be both positive and negative. You will talk a lot about your feelings, and your communication will be fluent. You will be more imaginative, and if you are in a creative or literary field, this influence will be very beneficial. Business relationships in general will be favored.

     At times you could become depressed over small issues, and you could find yourself involved in more trivial or superficial conversations, paying less attention to more important matters. You might also tend to spend a lot of energy talking about new projects but not going into explicit details. You may have frequent and unexpected mood changes so take care not to make impulsive, final decisions.

     Communication with your mother and with women in general will be very positive.

Moon sextile Mars:

     You will show great vigor, vitality, and enthusiasm for taking action during this year. You will be very quick-witted and will always know when to take action. You will be efficient and fast-moving, when necessary. Your trust in yourself will increase along with faith in your own opinions, which will attract others to you. You will be very convincing and will earn the support of the public in general. You could become a leader during this year.

     You will begin several projects and can rely on the necessary energy to carry them out. Be constant and don’t deviate once you have initiated a project. You will be able to rely on the support of your family, especially your mother and other women in your environment.

     You will be intense and full of positive feelings. You will radiate enthusiasm, ambition, and courage. Physically, this influence is so beneficial that it will give you a high level of vitality, energy, and vigor. You will recover very rapidly from any illness.

     This influence impels you to dynamic action and it would be a very good year for setting many goals. Remember that your active participation is necessary and you should not wait for others to improve your life, because now is the time for you to take action.

Moon sextile Jupiter:

     You will feel a sense of well-being and contentment all year. Your emotions will be very positive and you will be optimistic, happy, and generous. As a result you will earn the appreciation of people in general, increase your popularity and receive spontaneous, willing help from others, especially women.

     You will have good fortune in the things that you undertake. This will be mainly due to your sincere and positive attitude.  This will also spread to the financial area, where you will probably gain more income. In addition, the atmosphere in your home will be very positive and harmonious. Existing differences and disagreements could disappear during this time, and you will find the support and harmony that you need. The relationship with your mother as well as other women in your life will be very positive.

     You could also grow in your love for mankind and your spirituality. You will offer your service to others and will receive the same in return. This will be a very happy year.

Moon semisextile Pluto:

     Your emotions will be powerful and very stimulating. You will feel confident and energetic, which will incline you to do many things that you didn’t dare to do before. On the other hand, you also could become more authoritarian and manipulative. The changes you make in your life during this year will be very beneficial. You will be able to rely on the support of your loved ones, especially that of your mother or other women.

Solar Return Moon Conjunct natal Sun:

     Your relationship with the public and with women in general will offer you more security and trust in yourself. You will show more pride and will feel the affection you receive from other people. Possibly, a cooperative venture with a woman could help you to achieve the success you desire.

     In a man’s chart, this influence could bring the ideal woman into your life. If you are already involved with someone, this influence will bring the balance you need into your present relationship. In the chart of a woman, it could mean the re-affirmation of your personality and womanhood.


     HOUSE 1:  Personality.  Principal interest of the year.

Solar Return Asc in or within 3 degrees of natal 6th house:

     There will be a tendency toward exhaustion and fatigue, and you will need to keep up your vitality. You should not neglect your diet during this time so as not to bring on any kind of illness. Maintain your positive attitude and avoid any tendency  toward becoming a hypochondriac.

     Your concern about work and your activities related to service will increase.

     HOUSE 2:  Financial situation.

Solar Return 2nd cusp Conjunct natal 7th cusp:

     Your financial gain will be in some way connected or dependent on some business associate or business contract or on your spouse or committed partner. You will feel more confident and safe working on a project with someone close to you whom you can trust. You will receive the financial support you need. However, you should be careful when signing any contract or written agreement. There is a possibility of getting involved in some type of litigation or legal proceeding.

     HOUSE 3:  The conscious mind.  Study, communication, and short trips.

Solar Return 3rd house cusp in or within 3 degrees of natal 7th house:

     You will travel with your spouse or with a committed partner during this time. If you aren’t involved with anyone, you could possibly meet someone during one of these short trips. And this could turn out to be the beginning of an important future relationship. This astrological influence indicates the possibility of signing some important papers or the commencement of an important business or personal relationship.

     HOUSE 4:  The home.

Solar Return 4th house cusp in or within 3 degrees of natal 8th house:

     There is a possibility of receiving goods or property through inheritance. Your security will be increased due to the collaboration of your family or your committed partner. But there also is danger of wasting goods or money that is received without much effort on your part.

Solar Return 4th cusp Conjunct natal Moon:

     Problems in your home will affect you emotionally. You will be very tuned into the activity in your home environment. You will get along especially well with your mother or other women who you are close to. You might also think about making some changes in your home.

     HOUSE 5:  Romance & amusement. Relationship with children.

Solar Return 5th house cusp in or within 3 degrees of natal 8th house:

     You could receive unexpected gifts or donations that will bring you much pleasure during this year. You could also be lucky in games of chance and in speculative ventures. On the romantic side, there could be certain complications in a relationship that could lead to separation unless these problems can be resolved. There is also the possibility of getting involved in a very sudden and passionate love affair.

     HOUSE 6:  Health and illness. Employment. Service.

Solar Return 6th house cusp in or within 3 degrees of natal 10th house:

     Your state of health will be the determining factor in the success or failure of your plans during this year. If you don’t feel well, your progress will be very limited. You may tend to neglect your diet and your need for rest because of work schedules and your concerns for making progress in your work. It is advisable to eat in a healthy manner and to avoid stress as much as possible in order to prevent illnesses brought on by excessive work.

     In your work environment, your freedom of action could be restricted or curtailed because of certain requirements put upon you  by your superiors. There also could be some difficulties and delays in finishing the projects you are working on.

     HOUSE 7:  Associations.  Marriage and partnerships.

Solar Return 7th cusp Conjunct natal 12th cusp:

     This influence could bring complications in your personal life as well your professional life. You could be the victim of intrigue or deception. Some friendships could come to an end.

     On the romantic side, you could become involved in a forbidden or secret relationship.

Jupiter in 7th house of Solar Return:

     You will enjoy your intimate and personal relationships a great deal, especially if you are with a partner. This year will be very favorable for companionship and for all types of relationships. You will have a positive response from others and will feel the protection and help from those around you. If you are not involved with anyone, you could begin a very positive relationship during this year that will be very beneficial for you. You will have contacts with influential and powerful people, probably people from other countries. The important relationships could be personal as well as professional. If you are planning marriage during this year, you will have a very happy union that will permit you to expand your own horizons.

     Legal matters will also be favorable as well as contacts with the public in general. However, try not to be so confident and outspoken that you invite deception or other problems in the future.

Solar Return Jupiter Conjunct natal Uranus:

     The excitement and optimism of others will bring out your more rebellious, unusual side. You will be able to express the true you more freely and will make your original ideas known in conversations with others. Other people will enjoy being with you because you will be an interesting and amusing companion when you are  with other positive, fun loving people.

     HOUSE 8:  Life and death issues, inheritances, and mysteries.

Solar Return 8th cusp Conjunct natal 1st cusp:

     You should be very careful with your health this year. Don’t expose yourself unduly to dangerous or risky situations as there is the possibility of having an accident during this year.

     You could have some complications with your finances, especially in business deals or joint investments with other people.

Solar Return 8th cusp Conjunct natal Neptune:

     You should confront your fears and inner anguish regarding the mysteries of life and death. You could develop some type of obsession or insecurity that will disturb you. You should be very careful with water and not let yourself get into very deep water. You also should be careful with drinking or using medications in order to prevent the buildup of toxic conditions in your body. Be careful when combining medications with certain food or other medications that could produce a bad reaction. Your physician can advise you on combinations to avoid. You could have physical problems that are difficult to diagnose, mainly because they could very well be psychosomatic.

Venus in 8th house of Solar Return:

     This will be a good year to acquire money or goods through your love partner, business associates, family members, or institutions, such as banks or loan offices, with very little effort on your part. Should you request a loan during this time, you will most likely get it. If you are involved in some type of litigation or judgment, you  can expect a favorable settlement.

     You will experience changes in your personal life. It will not  necessarily be a year of harmony and peace.  You will find it necessary to examine any relationships you are involved in to evaluate them and determine how to make improvements, if necessary. You will learn a lot about relating to others and any relationship you now have will not be exactly the same as it was by the end of this year. If you begin a new relationship under this astrological influence, it could very well bring about some sort of transformation in you. Many of the changes will be on the unconscious level. You might also notice an increase of sexual desire within you.

Solar Return Venus Conjunct natal Neptune:

     It is possible that you will meet someone who interests you greatly, causing you to become more imaginative, idealistic, and romantic. It is important that you respond in a rational and responsible manner with this person. Otherwise, you could put yourself in a situation where you could be deceived. If you have had bad romantic experiences in the past, the memories could cause you to become fearful and insecure, wanting to escape and run away from any possible commitment.

Saturn in 8th house of Solar Return:

     This year could bring difficulties in relation to financial concerns, especially if you have shared resources or combined investments with other people. There is danger of loss or delays in business deals, leases, legal actions, or in inheritances or legacies. You should be careful about taking on any new debts during this time. Requests for any type of credit or loan won’t be favored now.

     Your attitude may not be very positive and you will be more aware of the dark side of human nature. Situations you are involved in, conflicts, and stress will bring out the more negative side of you. Try to maintain your stability, trust, and optimism and avoid obsessing over things and thinking negatively.

     There is the possibility of news regarding the death of someone you know.

     HOUSE 9:  Religion and spirituality.  Long-distance travel.

Solar Return 9th house cusp in or within 3 degrees of natal 1st house:

     You will be a more philosophical and profound thinker during this year. You will become interested in learning and enlarging your knowledge of subjects such as religion, law, or philosophy. You may have a desire to do some long-distance travel and learn about different cultures.

Pluto in 9th house of Solar Return:

     You will have a great need to get in touch with your spirituality. You will become interested in the mysteries of life and will want to learn more in order to increase your knowledge and understanding of the meaning of life. This new knowledge will bring about changes in your activities and in your appreciation for living.  You also could develop a strong desire to travel to foreign countries and to connect with people of different cultures. It is very possible that you will take a long trip during this year to explore exotic places.

     The knowledge that you will acquire during this time will be more than the mere collecting of factual information. It will transform  you in some way. However, you should take care not to become fanatic or obsessive about your new ideas because that could bring about problems with others.

     HOUSE 10:  Your profession, success, and status.

Solar Return MC in or within 3 degrees of natal 2nd house:

     You will have the possibility of earning much more money through your profession or work. In order to realize your goals and finish your projects, it will be important for you to handle your finances correctly. This could be a very lucrative year and will reflect your own responsible attitude toward your finances.

Solar Return MC Conjunct natal Sun:

     You will be feeling very proud of the work you do in your profession and of the social position you have reached up to now, and you will be setting many goals and making many plans for your future. This sense of satisfaction will enable you to have more trust in the decisions you make in the course of your work day. Your desire to take control and achieve more personal recognition will be accentuated. During this year, you will project a very solid, strong, and positive self image. Your true inner desires and ambitions will emerge, and you will have opportunities for great success and advancement during this period.

Solar Return MC Conjunct natal Mercury:

     You will be prompted to develop new ideas and put your mind to work in order to realize your professional ambitions and make desired improvements in your social situation. You will put in much time and effort in thinking, studying, and developing projects and new plans for your future. Your mind will play an outstanding part in achieving  the success that you desire during this year. Your communication with others will also be very important and effective.

Mercury in 10th house of Solar Return:

     Your professional activity will be more related to communication, mental or intellectual subjects, writing, or publication. You also could be involved in some type of teaching or could have more than one occupation during the year. You will make plans to improve your status and could very possibly undertake  studies or courses or have practical experience that will help you to do that.

     Communication with your bosses or superiors regarding your work will be very important. You also will find that a lot of your time may be taken up with questions related to legal papers, documents, or other written materials, leaving you less time for other important aspects of your work.

Solar Return Mercury Conjunct natal Sun:

     The ideas and comments of others will be very beneficial to you this year, and they will increase your personal pride. On the other hand, they could also be critical or full of gossip. You will feel more sure of yourself and better established in your current position and will be less influenced by the ideas of others.

     HOUSE 11:  Friendships and social life.

Solar Return llth house cusp in or within 3 degrees of natal 2nd house:

     You will become more widely known and will develop new friendships with people who will offer you the opportunity to begin new business relationships. Your friends will be instrumental in improving your financial situation, providing other astrological influences don’t work against it. You will have new ideas and plans to increase your financial status.

Neptune in 11th house of Solar Return:

     You will tend to idealize your friends more than usual and could  expose yourself to deception or disloyalty. Be aware and conscious of the type of people you associate with during this year in order to avoid being hurt.

     You will search for the company of more spiritual and mystical people and may be inspired to participate in some group that studies subjects such as this. You might also enjoy the company of people who are involved in the arts, particularly music. Due to your increased sensitivity, you will become very susceptible to the comments or reactions of others, and could therefore be easily hurt or deceived. This could cause you to prefer to remain alone at times instead of being with people.

     Your hopes and wishes for the future may not be as realistic or grounded in possibility as they should be. Think hard before pursuing these goals and take care to be as precise and concrete as possible.

     HOUSE 12:  Limitations, enmities and hidden things.

Solar Return 12th house cusp in or within 3 degrees of natal 4th house:

     Your home will be a place of many concerns and limitations. You may feel isolated from others or limited in your decision-making powers. This influence could indicate the necessity to make expensive repairs that you can’t afford or you may have some problems with leases and rentals. You should also be careful and selective in your choice of people you invite to your house because not everyone will be your friend. Your home could be the scene of intrigue, deception, or theft.

Mars in 12th house of Solar Return:

     You should be very cautious during this year because you could be attacked by someone who disagrees with what you believe in. It also could lead to dangerous situations or surprise attacks of some kind. There could also be the possibility of accidents or confinement.

     You probably won’t be able to channel your energies very easily and could be frustrated in your attempts. Your attempts to take action will be repressed or will manifest in an inappropriate manner. In general, you won’t make a good impression on others and can even evoke their enmity. You will be acting primarily from a subconscious level and could therefore react too impulsively or destructively. You need to explore and become aware of bitterness and negative feelings you have brought with you from the past and take steps to heal them.

     You would be better off working alone, avoiding too much  pressure from your superiors. Social or charitable work could be a positive way of expressing this energy providing you are interested in doing it. You could also get interested in some sort of investigative work, the solving of mysteries or delving into secrets.

Uranus in 12th house of Solar Return:

     You will find your freedom being limited in some ways during this year. You could experience unexpected opposition from enemies or problems arising suddenly that will limit your freedom. These inconveniences could very well be the result of past actions of yours.

     On the psychological side, there will be a tendency to be reluctant to express your new and unconventional ideas for fear that they will not be understood or accepted. You will feel like a prisoner of your own fears and insecurities, and consequently will desire a degree of isolation from the world around you. You could be reacting from  subconscious memories or compulsions during this year. It is important to stay as calm and relaxed as you can so that you won’t overload your nervous system.

     On the positive side, tasks that require solitude and concentration will be very successfully accomplished.