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Solar Returns for

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21 October 1980: Time: 10:46
Los Angeles, California

Solar Return calculated for:

22 October 2018, Time: 4:37:23
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    The Solar Return is a chart calculated for the time that the Sun arrives at the exact position of the Sun in your natal chart. That happens once every year around your birthday, but at a different time each year. This chart is calculated for the time of the Sun’s return this year and marks the principal events for the year from birthday to birthday. This report also gives the location of your Solar Return. From this, it can be determined that some places are more favorable than others. With the aid of more than one report you could analyze the changes that are produced in the Solar Return Reports, choosing from different locations where you would want to spend the day.

     This report essentially is divided into two parts. The first part analyzes the general external conditions of the year: opportunities and problems that could occur in different areas. For the benefit of students of astrology, the influence of the Ascendant and Midheaven of the return are described as well as that of the Sun and Moon.

     The second part analyzes the twelve astrological houses, marking specifically in what area of your life the various astral influences will be manifested, emphasizing your probable responses and inner changes. This section analyzes the position of the solar houses on the natal houses, the planetary conjunctions, and the location of the planets in the houses. You will be given a description of the most important matters derived from the placement of the planets in the houses, which are outlined in the text for each of them.

     In some cases you will find contradictions. A planet may be beneficial in a certain area, while others may indicate the opposite situation. This means that you could have two types of possible situations during the year. For example: a lover’s quarrel and a following reconciliation. To get the most out of this report, it will be necessary to use your own logic and intuition, fitting the descriptions outlined here to your own particular case.

     The objective of this report is to offer you a practical guide that helps you to analyze this year’s prospects and to learn from them using your free will.

***** FIRST PART *****

Chapter 1: General characteristics of the year. The external conditions.

     Your mental or intellectual activity will increase considerably this year. Your capacity to analyze and your attention to detail  will be greater. You may feel the desire to study something new, or improve the way you do your present work. You may get more interested in service projects which improve the lives of others. You may  concentrate on helping those around you by solving problems, distributing information on health issues,  or getting involved in environmental concerns.  It’s important for you not to neglect your own interests.  However, you will find that, in one way or another, the things you do for the benefit of others will bear fruit for you in the future.

     You could get so engrossed in your work that you lose yourself in details. Having a practical outlook is the key to finding good solutions. Don’t spend too much time unnecessarily analyzing data and avoid wasting time on unimportant things. Deal only once with matters that you have to attend to. Then come to a conclusion and don’t turn back again to analyze the topic in question. This only wastes a lot of time, entangles you in your own thoughts and has an immobilizing effect on you. If by nature you are less than meticulous in your work, you may find it easier to organize your thoughts and your work this year. If you are already very detailed and analytical, you should try to take time for some kind of physical activity so that you can remain more balanced between mind and body.

     You could become less inclined toward a lot of social activity and be more drawn in and thoughtful. However, it is not good to be too reclusive and isolate yourself too much.  This would give you too much time for self-criticism and dissatisfaction.  You should see that you have a balance again between work and play.

     Physically, you could be more nervous than usual which could result in intestinal disorders or other illnesses caused by nervous tension. It could also cause insomnia, brought on by too much mental work and excessive worry. It would be advisable to practice techniques such as Yoga to calm and focus the body and the mind.  Highly competitive activities should be avoided if possible. You also should maintain a balanced diet of foods that are easy to digest. You will be inclined to want to improve your body and your health this year.  It will come naturally to you now, and it would be a good time to go on a diet, if you feel you need to. You could benefit by boning up on subjects such as nutrition and the various kinds of alternate medicine that are available to you. Good health is one of the themes for this year.

     During this period you may come in contact with intuitive and sensitive people who will share with you their hunches and visions of things to come. It would be wise for you to listen to what they say to you if you believe they might be relevant and true for you.  Examine them carefully and determine their value.  But, on the other hand, don’t accept everything you hear without question.  Be discerning and evaluate everything.

        You will find yourself being more cautious and critical in your relationships. Things that never used to bother you will now become issues for you.  You may not see your partner as clearly as before.  You may find Pisces natives entering your life this year. Although you will find them appealing, you could also be annoyed by their emotional approach.  And you may find them too dreamy and impractical for your Virgoan thinking.

     Your professional activity will be diversified during this period. You will impress others with your intelligence and your ideas. If you are a fairly stable person, this year will be more exciting and productive. If you are bored with your work, you could change jobs, even going into a different kind of work during this year.

     This influence favors activities related to communication, short journeys, publications and the gaining of information in general. During this year you may develop your ability as a writer, journalist, speaker, translator or publicist. No matter what you undertake, you will be more involved with expressing your ideas and receiving the ideas of others.

     You should be careful not to spread yourself too thin, taking on too many projects though, because then there is the danger of not really accomplishing anything well, or not finishing those you start. Although you may be restless and have trouble staying with any one activity for long, you will use this time well if you complete the projects that are most important and rewarding to you.

     You will probably  make several short journeys during this year, some of which may be business related.

     Activities with siblings and other close relatives will be important. There is a possibility of doing some type of business with them. Your home life will be more active and busy. You may make some changes there, or even consider moving (if other indications in this report confirm it). You might even be attracted by the idea of living in another country.

Chapter 2: Astrological influence of your personality.

     Business and material matters in general will be very favored. Investments, purchases, negotiations and the increase of your capital will be the principal objectives of this period. You will concentrate your attention on everything related to money, and you will be successful in your enterprises, unless other astrological factors contradict this.

     You could become so obsessed and worried about material things that you will overlook other important parts of your life, such as              your spiritual life or your loved ones. Don’t get so involved that you can’t find a balance between financial security and emotional and spiritual growth in your life.  However, your main objective this year will be to achieve economic stability and to improve your standard of living. You may find that you are able to acquire money more easily than you have in the past, and you will direct your will and your effort in that way.

     There will also be a tendency to live big, spending more than you should on certain luxuries that at other times you wouldn’t have indulged in. Spend your earnings wisely and save a little for the future. If you do, you can enjoy the benefits of this year for many years to come.

     You will be very sensitive and sociable during this period. Your circle of friends will increase, and you will be much more concerned with enjoying pleasant activities in your daily life. You also will be more concerned with making personal improvements, especially in your looks. You may find yourself getting more interested than normal in acquiring luxuries and bringing comfort into your life, so be careful about overspending. It also increases your personal magnetism, causing others to take special interest in you. You will have opportunities for romantic relationships. One person (or several!) may court you intensely. You will receive innumerable invitations, and the choice of accepting will be yours. This will not be a year of solitude. If you already have someone in your life, your relationship will be harmonious and you will share many pleasant moments. This will be a pleasant year and you will have a good time in spite of any problems that you may have. You will be more agreeable, happy, and creative. If you have artistic inclinations, you will produce a lot during this year. Your need to express yourself will be very strong. This influence will manifest with intensity in the area influenced by the Sun during this year (outlined in the previous paragraph).

     You will feel dissatisfied with your daily routine and will attempt to change it in some way. Your behavior probably will be more abrupt and less patient than at other times. Your reactions will be unexpected and more violent. Watch your nervous system, since there is a strong tendency to suffer stress during this time. You will want to cut off many of your social or work connections if you feel that they limit your freedom in some way, or they are not in accordance with your new needs. Your relationships could also be affected and could suffer as a consequence of your need to make changes.

     It is important during this time that you are permitted to pursue new experiences, sever relations with those who are prejudiced, or break traditions that were limiting your freedom. Your rebellious nature will show itself, and it is better to leave you a clear path. Most of the events and problems will appear suddenly, and it is advisable that you respond in a constructive way. Take care to moderate your reactions to events so that you won’t lose control over your actions.

     It is also important that you remain flexible to change and not waste your energies during this year. There is a strong tendency to be too nervous and impatient, thereby attracting to you violence and accidents. Be careful with speed and with electricity.

     You will have a year of great progress and professional success. Your trust, enthusiasm, and the ability to channel your energies correctly will bring transformation and general improvement. There could be an increase in your income, and you also could resume an prior interest in some promising business opportunity. Your future goals will be very clear to you, and you will work efficiently to attain them. You will feel the satisfaction and pride of having done things well.

     You won’t find it necessary to rely on anybody. You could become centered, sure of yourself, and enthusiastic, thereby capturing  the attention of others and making you their leader. You will know how to earn the respect of others. During all this time you will be a very responsible worker and at the same time will maintain a healthy social life without neglecting your own purposes.

     Your creative capacity will increase as well as your ability to coordinate your efforts with that of others. Regardless of how much opposition you may receive, the final success will be yours. You will know how to choose people around you who are able to give you support. In your personal arena, your relationship with your father, or with someone who represents a father figure for you, will be a point of important support for the achievement of your goals.

     There is a possibility of developing an escapist attitude during this time. Take care that you don’t try to relieve your tensions by acquiring a new bad habit and consequently become addicted to it. Your strength could weaken a little and it is important that you don’t commit yourself to projects or tasks that are more than you can handle.

     Your sensitivity will also increase, and you can easily be disappointed, hurt, or victimized. Be aware of your own behavior in order to avoid being deceived or disillusioned by others.

     You will be very dynamic, alert, and positive during this time. You will express yourself strongly, thereby making a very solid impression on others. You  will probably have a big financial improvement and could receive the support of people in higher positions.

     This year’s success will primarily be due to the trust you have in yourself and the strength you put into achieving your own goals.

Chapter 3: The emotional world.

     Your emotions will be intense and strong. You will show great enthusiasm and vitality and a considerable increase of your own self-esteem. On the other hand, you could also become more anxious and impatient than usual and express your feelings too strongly which could offend some people. Try to be more considerate and harmonious or you could have problems with the public in general.

     Under this influence, you will be acting with a certain lack of finesse, which could at times cause problems with others, especially women. The relationship with your mother, or with other women in the family, could become complicated with arguments and disagreements. You will be too frank and direct in your speech, which could easily hurt other people’s feelings. On the positive side, this influence could cause you to be more protective in defending your loved ones. If you could manage to be a little more sensitive during this year, you could accomplish a great deal more. Either way, you will be acting from your emotions and feelings.

     You also will have an inner desire for adventure, challenge or risk taking. You will have more courage and won’t be afraid to face adversities. However, it’s important not to go to extremes. Use caution and don’t expose yourself to danger. Use this positive energy for your own progress and personal growth.

     Any physical activity will be good for the discharge of negative emotions. Think before you act and don’t let impatience and aggressive feelings dominate you.

     This year will bring a change in your life. If you are not involved in a relationship, you will be inclined to find someone this year. If you are already in a good relationship, you will experience important changes in your daily routine. The kind of changes will be determined by aspects to the Moon, as described in the following paragraphs. This could be the year you commit yourself to a long-term relationship.

     You should be careful in the decisions you make because you will be inclined to sudden and capricious actions which could hurt your relationship in some way. Your life and actions could be more public this year. Guard against giving others a reason to gossip about you. . This astrological influence will bring both positive and negative responses from others.

     On the other hand, you will receive much support from the women in your life.

     You could feel very lonely and depressed at times under this astrological cycle. Your social life will not be as active, and you may wish to be alone more often that usual. You might have the feeling  that nobody loves you or cares about you. You may have negative thoughts and tend to see your problems and your life in general as being much darker than they really are. You should try to suppress this kind of thinking and maintain as much objectivity as possible.

     You could find yourself recalling former painful romantic situations from the past which have resulted in misunderstanding or separation. You could be unduly dwelling on perceived failures in love relationships which will need to be dealt with. It will be very difficult for you to relate emotionally to anyone during this time because you will tend to become cold, distant, and detached due to some injury you received that you have not forgotten. It is possible that a past relationship is not quite finished and needs to be resolved. This astrological aspect forces you to confront old, emotional karmic debts. It is important that you remain positive and objective in handling these negative emotions.

     You also may have problems in your home life, especially with older people or those who exercise a certain authority in your life. This is not a good year to change your residence or to invest in real property.

     It is advisable to watch your health, especially your digestive system. In a woman, this influence brings delays in the menstrual cycle and general problems with vitality.

     Your changes of mood will be very frequent and quick during this time, which may confuse others around you. At times you will adapt easily to the requirements of your surroundings. However, more often than not, the least little thing will distract you from the business at hand. This will hinder you at work, at home, and in your participation in any group activities. You will be more sensitive and more easily upset which will cause you to get irritated with others.

    You won’t be very logical or clear in the decisions you make because you will be reacting emotionally. Your judgment will be based on your mood at the moment and not carefully thought out which could cause problems later and lead you to question your own motivation. If you are planning to make an important change in your life at this time, be certain to reflect on it and to consider all sides before  making a final decision.

     You could become dissatisfied with your professional achievements and consequently want to make changes in your work. These changes will be made impulsively without being clearly thought out, which could lead to future regrets. Take care to be as rational and careful as you can when making any decisions.

     You could also be the recipient of hard criticism or gossip concerning your work performance. These comments will most frequently come from women in your life and will affect you strongly and immediately. Your ever changing moods could greatly hamper your decision making ability. You will need to review your priorities in regards to your work and your home and act accordingly.

     You could become very impatient, reactionary, and impulsive during this time. Your manner could be quite rude and aggressive, which could generate enmity from others. It is important to moderate your actions. This aspect also makes you prone to certain domestic accidents, particularly involving sharp metals and fire.

     There also could be tension in your home and the most frequent disagreements will be with your mother or other women around you. You will receive hard criticism to which you will respond in the same way. If the tensions and problems are very serious, your health could be affected, mainly the digestive system. In a woman, this influence could also cause menstrual problems.

     It is important to maintain constant physical activity because this will help to discharge the negative tensions.

     Your mind will be very restless and uncertain during this time, and you could find yourself being more indecisive than usual. It is important that you make use of your ability to analyze and come to reasonable conclusions and not act too much on impulse. You may feel the desire to change your residence or to make changes in your home, but you should use caution so that you don’t make a mistake.

     You may have frequent problems in your home due to lack of communication. Avoid arguments so that you will be able to stay balanced. You could become the subject of gossip or criticism that could be upsetting to you.

     The tendency toward desiring change will also affect your attitude toward your work and the success that you achieve will not be completely satisfactory because of your lack of perseverance.

     You will make many favorable changes in your life in order to break up or change your routine. You will react more emotionally and express your feelings more freely. Due to this change in you, you may encounter some unusual relationships or situations. You will be attracted to unconventional or eccentric people.

     On the other hand, your intuition will increase and you could have some metaphysical experiences.

     Your emotions will be very intense and you should try not to lose your objectivity. Others will be more attracted to you now and your relationship with the public will be very important. You will find it much easier to express your feelings, and your past experiences will influence your present acts. Memories of your family and the relationship with your mother will be particularly influential in your decision making.

     In a man’s chart, this influence marks an encounter with a woman who will become an important part of your life. It could be your future wife or a very outstanding friendship. In the chart of a woman, it indicates that you will re-establish your position as a woman in life and you will develop your maternal instincts. Women will seek to be recognized and insist on being valued as equals during this time.

***** SECOND PART *****


HOUSE 1:  Personality.  Principal interest of the year.

     You will center all your attention toward the advancement of your career. You will direct your energies toward growth and expansion of your professional possibilities. Success will fundamentally depend on your effort and personal initiative.

     During this year, you will want to make your dreams a reality and will develop definite objectives which will improve your future. Remember that success or failure of your enterprises will depend almost exclusively on your own will.

     You will have a desire to enjoy life and to expand your present sphere of influence. You will enjoy the things you do and will have a positive attitude toward your problems. You will feel an inner need to expand and grow, especially on the personal level. Your capacity to give and receive and to treat others with kindness and understanding will be tested.

     On the more negative side, you will show less concern for the problems that come up, even the more serious ones. It will be difficult for you to concentrate on details or to do your work in an orderly fashion.

     You will act in a very responsible way and will look at life more realistically and seriously. You will become more aware of your true needs and will handle things in a practical manner. The memory of past frustrations or painful experiences will be the basis for your future decisions. You also will pursue your objectives with perseverance and hard work.

     On the negative side, this influence could cause you to become more pessimistic or depressed.

HOUSE 2:  Financial situation.

     This is a very favorable year to earn money pursuing your own profession. Your current activity will be profitable and you will feel satisfied with the financial benefit that you will achieve. It will allow you to re-establish your professional goals and also to elevate your social status. Be persevering and confident in your own decisions.

     Your earning ability will be increased due to your decisiveness and self confidence. You will feel ambitious and have the desire to improve your financial situation. You should pay attention to and act on your own projects and ideas. You will take personal pride in improving your standard of living.

     Financial worries will bring repressed or hidden emotions and fears to the surface of your consciousness.  You will believe that things are more serious and catastrophic than they really are. You should avoid making sudden or final decisions. You will be looking for ways to make profound changes in your material situation.

     You will concentrate your thinking on material objectives during this year. The desire to earn more money will be your principal thought and you will be successful in activities relating to commerce, communication, journalism, and travel. You should be persevering in going after your objectives because, under this influence, you could find yourself not able to stick to any decision for any length of time. It is important that you not place too much emphasis on material gain at the expense of other important things in your life. You should also guard against the temptation to spend more than you earn and to acquire additional debts unless you are certain you can handle it.

     Your intellectual capacity will increase during this year. You probably will associate with people who have the same interests and will stimulate you to continue studying or to participate in intellectual groups. It will be easy for you to learn and also to relate your knowledge during this period. It will be important not to spend all the time talking about your projects without giving anyone else the opportunity to share.

     You will be very stimulated to participate in conversations and the exchange of ideas with the people around you. It will allow you to express your more personal convictions that may differ from the general rules and customs of society. You will be eager express your revolutionary ideas for changing the world. The ideas and conversations with friends also will stimulate your creative side and you will come up with some very original concepts during this year.

     During this year, your finances will improve. If your work is related to art, aesthetics or creative expression, you will have much monetary gain. Since you will have more money to spend, you will be inclined to make investments and purchases that will improve your quality of life. It would be wise to keep your spending under control because there is also a tendency to be wasteful or to indulge in unnecessary luxuries. You could spend money on jewelry, art work, very expensive clothes, and other items that beautify your life or your home. This astrological influence can cause you to become less practical and to be more extravagant than usual.

     You will be very good in negotiations and transactions of any type because of your ability to manage people with diplomacy and softness. This would be a good year to apply for and receive a loan if you need one.

     HOUSE 3:  The conscious mind.  Study, communication, and short trips.

     You could have serious problems while taking short trips this year. You could also have hard feelings or strong confrontations with your relatives or neighbors. Doing business with or signing contracts with people you know personally will not be favorable. You may find that you feel like retiring from or becoming isolated from your immediate environment that you perceive, for some reason, as being hostile toward you.

     You could very well develop a strong interest in learning about the supernatural or spiritual truths.

     Your desire to take short trips for business as well as for pleasure will be accentuated. Your mind will become more active and curious, and you will also become more talkative and questioning. Your intellectual and literary interests will also  increase.

     Your thinking will be more questioning and open during this year. It will be easier for you to communicate and you will have the courage to say things that you wouldn’t dare to say before. You will tend to be more nervous and stressed. Your mind will be racing and continually working. It would be advisable for you to search for creative outlets for your new ideas.

     Communication in your immediate surroundings will increase. This will improve relationships with siblings, other relatives, and neighbors. It will be a year of pleasure and of sharing happy moments with them. You could also receive good news on behalf of your relatives, regarding luck and expansion.

     Your mind also will expand and you could become interested in studying or taking courses that will give you more information on subjects you are currently interested in. Your desire to learn could also inspire you to take some short trips that, besides being informative, will also be a lot of fun. You will enjoy each place you visit.

     You could also be the recipient of good news, both verbally and in writing, that could bring new opportunities and progress to you. This will be a very favorable time for agreements, contracts, or commitments made with others. If you are interested in writing, you will have a very fruitful year.

     You will look for contacts with certain people who will mentally stimulate you through the knowledge or wisdom they share with you. In addition, their kindness and sympathy will make it easier for you to communicate more effectively.

     The excitement and optimism of others will bring out your more rebellious, unusual side. You will be able to express the true you more freely and will make your original ideas known in conversations with others. Other people will enjoy being with you because you will be an interesting and amusing companion when you are  with other positive, fun loving people.

HOUSE 4:  The home.

     Your parents and your family in general will have a great influence on your decisions during this year. This will make it difficult for you to be independent and detached from their attention. You could get involved in making some type of real estate investment this year.

     There could be confusion and problems at home which could cause you pain and dissatisfaction. You should be willing to take responsibility for resolving your own problems. There could also be deception and falsehood in your home which could make you hypersensitive to the conditions surrounding you.

     You will confront problems or obstacles within your home, especially with older people. Commitments and responsibilities at home could weigh you down and limit your freedom, causing you to become frustrated and unsatisfied. You may have to return to your parents’ home to lend assistance, or you may receive a family member into your home who needs your help and support. This period could bring about ties and responsibilities that will be difficult to cut off later on.

     During this year you will be concentrating on your security needs and building a financial base for the future. However, any efforts you make to invest in real estate will be delayed or frustrated at this time.

     The most difficult period will be during the last months of this solar year.

     There will be a transformation and profound change in your home environment. Your relationship with those who reside there with you will be different. You will be opposed to being influenced or manipulated by others and will aggressively seek to free yourself from any limitations to your personal freedom. This influence can cause major changes, breakups, and separations within your family group. You may now desire to live alone and in a different style than you have been. However, the changes could also be in the physical structure of your home, through decorating or remodeling.

     On the psychological side, you will have to confront problems or memories that originate in your childhood and you will begin to understand their significance for you now. It would be advisable for you to scrutinize these issues carefully and, if possible, seek out some sort of therapeutic help as you will gain much profit from doing so.

HOUSE 5:  Romance & amusement. Relationship with children.

     You could be lucky in games of chance or in a speculative venture which carries a certain amount of risk. All in all, you will enjoy the money you earn this year and won’t worry about how much you are spending, especially if you are in love. Be careful and don’t get too carried away with having fun at the expense of your financial stability.

     You will show a lack of discipline in getting things done which will result in your having difficulty carrying out tasks that require patience and perseverance. Since your energy level will be quite high, it would be good to be involved in some kind of physical activity or  competition. If you practice some sport, you will get great pleasure and satisfaction from it. If you don’t have a favorite activity, it would be advisable to find one that interests you in order to burn up your extra energy. You will have a strong desire to take chances, not only in risky business ventures, but also in games of chance.

     In your love life, you could become very demanding and domineering and will be attracted to conquest and winning. Unless you are careful, there could be romantic adventures, passion, and scandal. Sex will be one of your means of expression during this year.

     Your relationship with males could be particularly tense and difficult. If you have a son, you should be patient and act with softness to avoid becoming too authoritarian.

HOUSE 6:  Health and illness. Employment. Service.

     You should watch out for your health on any short trips that you may take during this year. There is the possibility of catching colds, the flu, or other contagious illnesses due to the fact that you are worn out or overstressed. You should balance your mental work with some physical activity. It is suggested that you look for ways to improve your diet, particularly eating more foods that contain the Vitamin B complex. There could also be concerns for the illness of siblings or other close relatives.

     Any short, work-related trips that you may take this year will  be very successful, especially if you are involved in some communication or literary work.

     This influence could bring problems and misunderstandings in your work environment. Your relationships with superiors and co-workers will be difficult because you will have trouble understanding and following detailed instructions. You could also encounter problems with envy, gossip, or dishonesty at work. You will be disappointed by the actions of some people or perhaps even in the quality of your own work. However, you should think carefully before making any changes  in order to avoid making unnecessary judgment errors.

     In addition, you should look after your health. It is especially important, if you are a social drinker, to take care not to drink too much alcohol or take drugs. You could have problems with illnesses which are hard to diagnose due to the fact that they are brought on by tension or emotional upsets. Avoid taking medications and drugs if your illness has not been clearly identified. As much as possible, use natural methods.  It is advisable to act in moderation during this time.

     HOUSE 7:  Associations.  Marriage and partnerships.

     You could begin a business association with a loved one that you live with. You will receive much support from family members and will find peace in your home environment. This will help to stabilize your home activity a lot this year. You could also be involved in real estate deals during this period.

     The relationship with your spouse or committed partner will be more on the emotional and sensitive side. You will become very protective and will tend to worry about the smallest details of the relationship, and especially bringing out your maternal or paternal side. Even the slightest problem could quickly cause a change of your mood. Your imagination also will increase and you will develop ideas that will be more romantic than practical. The same applies to the relationships with your friends and business associates.

     HOUSE 8:  Life and death issues, inheritances, and mysteries.

     You could receive some real estate through an inheritance or legacy. There also is the possibility for buying and selling goods that will result in certain financial profit.

     You may become concerned about an illness of a close relative.

     You will be bringing up many things from your subconscious to be looked at and dealt which could lead you to adopt a new attitude toward life. Your powers of perception will increase and you will be interested in topics such as the paranormal or supernatural.

     During this year, you could receive sudden or unexpected inheritances or legacies. There could also be problems arising in any legal proceedings you are involved in. If you are going through a divorce, watch out for unexpected financial loss or unpleasant surprises.

   There is also the danger of accidents resulting from speed or electricity. Be cautious and avoid driving too fast when you are feeling nervous or hurried.

HOUSE 9:  Religion and spirituality.  Long-distance travel.

     This won’t be a good year for long journeys unless they are for a humanitarian purpose or for a health problem. You will become more idealistic and self-sacrificing, wanting to help others in need. This influence could bring difficulties with work or you could become ill while visiting a foreign country.

HOUSE 10:  Your profession, success, and status.

     Your professional success at this time will be affected to some degree by the actions and attitudes of your spouse or business partner. This influence could cause a change in your social situation or status. If there are negative aspects indicated in the following paragraphs, these actions of your spouse or business associate will negatively impact your progress. In either case, there is a clear indication of your being forced to depend a lot on people close to you, thereby causing you to have strong doubts about which direction you should now follow in your professional life.

     On the other hand, opposition from certain known enemies will only cause you to strengthen your position. There is also the possibility of some kind of legal proceeding that could force you to make changes in your profession.

HOUSE 11:  Friendships and social life.

     You will carry out many of your projects and plans, relying to some extent on the money or materials received from other people. There is a possibility of receiving an inheritance, a legacy, or a gift that will help to improve your material situation. On the other hand, this influence could bring the loss or withdrawal of a friend.

HOUSE 12:  Limitations, enmities and hidden things.

     There is the possibility of committing some sort of legal infraction, either willfully or unknowingly, during this year. Your philosophical and spiritual beliefs will change and grow. You could also be inclined to have arguments and disagreements with others over your higher, spiritual ideas. You may get involved in a secret sect or cult.

    Long-distance travel is not advisable this year as it could result in serious problems or illness in a foreign country.