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Prosperity Report For

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21 October 1980, 10:46
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     This report is about how you can increase your financial prosperity.

     We were all created by God, and God is infinitely prosperous. We were all created in the image of God and we are, therefore, intended to be prosperous. In fact, if we are not prosperous, it just means that there is a block standing in the way of our prosperity, because prosperity is our natural state.

     Astrology is an excellent tool for removing any blocks we may have to prosperity and discovering who we really are, so that we can realize our full potential of being prosperous.

     There have been several well-known writers who have described how to become prosperous and how to overcome blocks to prosperity. They include Leonard Orr, Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Joseph Murphy, Norvell and others, and they all advocate positive thinking. They provide general advice, and it is all good, but it is not as individualized as astrology.

     Because we are individuals, we each have our own vision of what it means to be prosperous, what to do with our money if we are prosperous, and what makes us want to be prosperous. We also differ as to what blocks may be standing in the way of our attaining wealth and what might make us still not feel happy if we did. That is why advice based on your own unique, astrological chart is the best way to connect you, as an individual, with the ideals of the positive thinking experts and to guide you as to how you, personally, can obtain wealth and be happy with it.

     The central idea the positive thinking experts teach is that thought is creative, and that what thoughts you think ultimately determine your creation of wealth. When your rational mind is relaxed, your thoughts go into your subconscious mind and affect the way you feel and behave and impact others, even though you might not be consciously aware of it. Therefore, if you can relax your conscious mind and introduce positive thoughts about creating prosperity, these new thoughts will replace whatever other thoughts might already be in your subconscious mind. You will then, after whatever repetition of the new thoughts is necessary, feel, behave, and impact others in accordance with your new, positive, prosperous thoughts. This, in turn, will attract prosperity to you. That is because of the law of action and reaction (also called “the law of karma” and referred to in the biblical quotation of “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”) You are now putting out thoughts of prosperity, as these have become manifested in your subconscious and your actions, and now only prosperity can come back to you. The thoughts you choose to think determine your prosperity. That is the teaching.

     If you put together this general knowledge of how you can choose your thoughts and create what you want through your subconscious mind with a knowledge of who you are as a unique individual, you have the best possible combination for creating wealth and having a good experience with it. For example, some people need to introduce a lot of positive thoughts to offset an ongoing negative state of mind, whereas some others, of a happy disposition, may manifest wealth quite readily at the very suggestion of it, but then not have the stability to handle it. The approach taken in this report is to identity your individual needs and temperament and then to suggest ways of creating prosperity which will work out best for you.

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Chapter 1: The Sun

     Your sun sign shows how you radiate warmth, light, love and energy. If you give out all this goodness, you cannot help but receive prosperity in return. Money is really energy, and it has been said that wealth goes to wealth. The more that you radiate your true energy as to who you really are, the more others will respond to your leadership, your self-confidence, and your positive inspiration. Your confidence in yourself gives you the innate belief that you are deserving of money. You then act as if it is natural for others to give you money; they follow the leadership of your divine inner light. You are one with the Infinite Light within you, and therefore have infinite potential to create wealth.

     Discover where your heart is – what you most love to do for a living – and your inner power will shine through. Do not just do what others expect of you or what will please them; it is your own birthright to shine and to be happy. When you are happy, you give the most to others and to the world – and you receive the most wealth in return.

Sun in Libra:

     Libra is an air sign, and your sociability and good mind are positive assets for acquiring prosperity. You naturally create harmony with others, and this makes them happy to share with you and buy from you. You treat others as if you are working together to solve a problem or create a positive result and if the result you want is increased wealth, you have the advantage of the synergistic effect of two people pulling together in the same direction.

     You are very fair in any contracts you make and you are equally determined to receive fairness in return. You acquire prosperity by being aware of your rights and asserting them.

     In business, you would work best with a partner. In this way you would have someone with whom to share and develop your ideas. The type of business would ideally involve meditation, law, or counseling. You may be able to work with your marriage partner in a business.

Sun in 11th house:

     Although you are likely to be more concerned with how much good you can do in the community than how much financial recognition you get from it, you are nevertheless able to acquire the prosperity you need in return for your good deeds.

     Your methods of dealing with money are likely to be innovative and intelligent, such as using the internet, barter, communal working and living, or even community currency such as Unity dollars.

Sun Conjunct Pluto:

     You have a rare ability to change your wealth around. This comes from your very concentrated willpower. It is important that you remember that your talent comes from your Higher Self and that it is a gift. Otherwise your willpower might turn into an equally negative force, which could lead to oppressing other people for your own ends. They would then oppose you and you would be wasting your energy in a big battle, rather than just being able to be happy with your prosperity. Your karma would be very positive if you put some of your attention into helping others go from rags to riches, based on your shining example.

Chapter 2: The Moon

     Your Moon position is very important because it represents your subconscious mind and your receptivity to new beliefs about how you can attain prosperity.

     As your moon governs your feelings and emotional responses, the more you nurture yourself and create happy feelings, the more receptive you will be to thoughts about prosperity. So, neutralize any negative thought or feeling which comes up by first acknowledging it and identifying it and then affirming the opposite. For example, if you feel depressed because you do not believe you can make enough money, you can affirm “I am joyous and receptive to prosperity.” At first, you might find the new belief hard to accept, but keep affirming and you will come to believe it. You created the negative thought, whether consciously or not, so now you can create a new positive thought to replace it. Own your own ability to transform your thoughts and the feelings they give rise to. Choose the positive and prosperity.

     Protect your positive beliefs and feelings. Nurture them. Associate with people who believe in you. Avoid negative people. Picture yourself being prosperous and build on that image. What you nurture will grow.

Moon in Pisces:

     Your approach to wealth involves passive receptivity rather than self-assertion. You are very psychic, and know exactly what to say to someone to make them want to give you money. You may flatter them or entertain them; perhaps you will appeal to their sympathy. In turn, you are very compassionate at helping those in need. You would rather lend your creative talent to a charitable cause than work in a structured job, but you receive enough money just the same, because of the good karma you create.

Moon in 3rd house:

     You may work in a library or school, encouraging children to learn how to read. Your mother likely taught you how to read and print at a very young age. Your mother may also have taught you a second language, which can be an asset for you in your employment. You would have grown up in the company of relatives and neighbors and developed good social and communication skills. You are likely to invest your money carefully in a number of different areas.

Moon Opposition Jupiter:

     Your prosperity depends, first, on replacing with positive core beliefs any resistance coming from your family or their beliefs about your right to be wealthy and happy. You need to nurture yourself with the positive beliefs which they were unable to provide for you. Once your core beliefs come from higher plane of awareness of an infinite, abundant universe, you will have faith and inner security. You will then be on the course to a happy and prosperous future.

Moon Trine Uranus:

     You are very psychic and intuitive and might make your living as an astrologer. You are likely to be lucky in lotteries and games of chance, because you receive flashes of inspiration as to what numbers to enter and when. This aspect favors a home business using a computer. You might also profit from original ideas or inventions.

Chapter 3: Mercury

     Mercury has to do with how you use your mind and how you communicate. The more you develop your mind and learn about different subjects, the more versatile you are and the more ways you have of becoming prosperous.

     Mercury also rules anything which works like the mind, such as computers. Computers can facilitate your studies and your communication with others. Because computers were invented by the human mind, they give us insight into how our own mind works. We can use our minds to figure out ways in which computers can increase our prosperity.

     Communication can lead to prosperity, whether it involves staying where you are and sending a message or actually traveling to another location to deliver it. Mercury represents the messenger – the ways in which one mind can communicate with another. The sharing of objective information leads to many opportunities for prosperity.

Mercury in Scorpio:

     You are likely to make money by communicating with others about their money. You could research for them the most strategic financial opportunities. As for your own money, you are very quiet and do not share your financial secrets with others. This gives you the advantage of no one being able to get your money away from you.

Mercury in 11th house:

     You think in terms of communicating and sharing ideas with everyone equally. You may do this by computer or you may meet with groups of people. You are exceptionally bright intellectually and on the leading edge of new ideas. You would make a good scientist, inventor, or electronics expert. You may be an astrologer. You have many acquaintances in your network and one or more of them may suggest good financial opportunities for you.

Mercury Sextile Venus:

     You are likely talented at music, song-writing and singing, and could make money in this way. You are very practical with your money, in both being frugal and preparing for your future. You could study and teach art, especially art in three-dimensional form such as sculpture or pottery. You also have good communication skills and could achieve harmony for others as a mediator or counselor.

Mercury Conjunct Uranus:

     Your mental genius is a strong asset towards your prosperity, particularly if you get a good education. You could come up with new inventions or scientific discoveries which would pay you well. You would make a good astrological communicator either verbally or in writing. You would be brilliant on computers.

Chapter 4: Venus

     Venus rules the ways in which you relate to others and to the environment around you. It rules how you cooperate with others to make money and what attitudes you have about money and possessions.

     Venus rules the sign of Libra, which relates to harmony and balance. Within yourself, you can best create prosperity if your male and female energies are balanced – that is, if you both affirm positive thoughts about money and receive them into your subconscious. You will then interact with others in such a way as to inspire them to aid your prosperity and be receptive to the prosperity they will create for you and ultimately with you, as you both move forward together and share your growing wealth and happiness.

     Venus also rules the earth sign of Taurus, which has to do with actual tangible wealth. As you work and create actual, tangible things in your environment, you will receive, in return, actual, tangible money and possessions. If you feel secure within, and affirm that you own enough money and possessions to be secure, you will create this reality and keep building more security for a happy and prosperous future.

Venus in Virgo:

     You are a conservative investor who is likely to do well. You are able to take even a small amount of money and analyze where the most profitable place to invest would be, with the least amount of risk. You are a superior bookkeeper and you would know how to trace the long-term, past performance of any potential investment to assess its stability. In fact, you could even make money giving wise investment advice to others.

Venus in 9th house:

     This is a very fortunate position for making large sums of money. You work hard and energetically, and you are very generous with what you earn. You donate to churches, charities and foreign missions, because your understanding is above the level of materialism. You are grateful for what you receive, and your positive attitude continues to attract more donations and goodwill. You would profit from travel, both financially and in cultural enrichment. You have mastered money, and now you are moving towards an even higher level of spirituality.

Venus Square Neptune:

     Make sure that you deal only with established, trustworthy people and companies, and that you do not get taken in by financial scams. There is no way to “get rich quick”, regardless of what con artists may claim. Have a practical person – preferably a Virgo – handle your financial affairs for you, so that you can live in your ideal, dream world without losing money. Avoid any kind of financial speculation.

Chapter 5: Mars

     Mars gives you the energy and get-up-and-go to achieve prosperity goals. Mars gives you the physical strength and well-being to carry out your work with enthusiasm. It provides you with the initiative to start new ventures and the momentum to forge ahead in spite of obstacles.

     Mars lift you out of the past and into the present. How can you achieve prosperity now? Where can you apply your initiative and become more independent? What kind of new venture would you like to start?

     Mars gives you self-confidence. If you believe in yourself, you can create prosperity. You can promote yourself and your products with ease. You can convince the buyers that they, too, will feel good about themselves if they buy your products.

Mars in Sagittarius:

     You innately understand the idea of creating wealth through positive thinking. You actively promote a happy, inspiring philosophy, and others are motivated to reward you financially in return. You set very lofty goals for yourself, knowing that you have the energy to attain them. You could become wealthy through outdoor explorations, travel, or lecturing. You are attracted to the idea of betting on horses; you could do well at this, as long as you do not over-spend.

Mars in 12th house:

     Your work is likely carried out in a secret retreat, or, if you are a photographer, in a darkroom. You could be an artist who goes out in the country to paint. Your work might involve the promotion of creative works, such as music promotion or an art gallery. You could make money by working at, or investing in, anything to do with fish or the sea. You might have talent in acting, music, dance or art. If so, you would have the self-confidence to be your own promoter.

Mars Sextile Saturn:

     This aspect favors financial success through hard, disciplined work. You are physically strong and you have the endurance to keep working for long hours. You may be a skilled craftsperson, as you have mechanical ability and are exacting. You save money by being able to build and repair things yourself. You have good balance between spending money on what you need now and saving for the future. You are a careful investor, taking into account any risks ahead of time.

Mars Conjunct Asc.:

     You are very assertive, and this gives you a competitive edge which can lead to prosperity. You are suited to work requiring physical strength, and you could very well be a winning athlete. Because you have a positive attitude, you are not easily discouraged, and forge right ahead to achieve your prosperity goals. You have a high tolerance of risk, and you are suited to short-term investments with a high potential for financial gain, especially a new venture.

Chapter 6: Jupiter

     Jupiter is a very large planet, and it rules growth and expansion. You can grow in your prosperity by expanding your mind to see the many possibilities which are available to you. You can travel and see new ways of making money or expanding your business to other places. You can hire people to work for you and thereby multiply your efforts and your profits.

     It is through Jupiter that you are connected to your higher inspiration and your source of faith that you will be prosperous. Jupiter’s energy is benevolent, optimistic and generous. If you give freely to others, in the faith that the source of prosperity is infinite, you create goodwill. You create a win-win situation where everyone involved will give to one another, and everyone will benefit. This is how a prosperous economy is created: If everyone keeps spending in the belief of a positive outcome, that outcome will be created.

     If you put together Jupiter’s ability to believe that new, positive goals can be achieved with Saturn’s self-discipline to carry them out, you can actually manifest a huge amount of wealth.

Jupiter in Virgo:

     Your careful investments can bring you prosperity. You look for sound, practical, reliable investments which will also yield a high return. You work hard and could be successful in business as long as you learn to delegate responsibility rather than work too hard yourself. The business is likely to be related to health care, cleaning, or employment advice. You are very honest and reliable in any work you do and your good attitude will enhance your profits.

Jupiter in 10th house:

     Your carefully considered investments will pay off very well in the long term, and you can look forward to prosperity and travel when you retire. You are motivated to get to the top, and you will work hard and get a good education to increase your earning ability. Because of your honesty and diligence, you are likely to work your way up to a high position and be recognized for your good services. Make sure that you do not hold back your opportunities for prosperity by being too self-critical; keep a positive, broad-minded attitude.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn:

     This is a very strategic aspect for creating prosperity because it combines a higher vision of the goals which can be achieved with the practical power to manifest them. It combines optimism and generosity with prudence and discipline, and this is an ideal balance. You are known for your honesty and frankness, and others respect you for this. Others are willing to do business with you because of your goodwill and concrete results.

Chapter 7: Saturn

     Saturn rules the setting of goals and the work to achieve them. In order to get ahead, it is all well and fine to have dreams, visions of possibilities, and enthusiasm, but what is also needed is the discipline and focus to choose the best, most practical possibilities and then put in the necessary labor to achieve them. If you have first explored many options, with your Jupiter, Saturn will give you the wisdom of discernment – the ability to decide from your vast, accumulated knowledge of what will work and what will not.

     Provided that you have already explored your visions and dreams thoroughly, your choice of action will be one upon which you will embark with enthusiasm and inner calmness. The work which you will do to carry out your chosen aims will not really seem like work, because it will be what you have already decided, beyond any doubt, is the thing which you most want to do. You will be able to handle, with ease, the responsibilities connected with it.

     Saturn then, rules the actual manifestation of goals and the actual wealth, honor, and recognition.

Saturn in Libra:

     Once you have worked out what your own goals are, you will accomplish them best with a partner. At this stage, a partner will be an asset, rather that someone to hold you back from discovering you own goals. You are now capable of a every mature, responsible, lasting relationship that can bring you happiness and prosperity. Choose your partner carefully and make sure that goals inter-mesh.

Saturn in 10th house:

     You are sure of financial and career success because of your willingness to do long, hard work to get to the top. You build a reputation for being very reliable and honest. For this, you are rewarded with a high position of trust. Be sure to maintain a positive, cheerful attitude, in spite of working hard, as this will enhance your prosperity and well-being. You are well organized and focused on concrete, practical results. You avoid taking risks with your money, and you save for the future.

Chapter 8: Uranus

     Uranus rules freedom, and the freedom which prosperity can bring.

     Uranus rules your higher mind, in which your thoughts, hopes, and wishes can be infinitely free. It rules your highest ideals, which prosperity can enable you to attain.

     Because your higher mind is the source of your sudden flashes of intuition, Uranus is associated with sudden changes in your prosperity, for better or for worse. If your thoughts have been genuinely free, as in the meditative state, you can suddenly win prizes or attract prosperous offers, seemingly out of nowhere. If your thoughts have been too controlled, you are likely to lose money suddenly, as an expression of Uranus trying to tell you to break free from your oppressive circumstances. You then need to affirm your right to freedom of thought to attract prosperity. Affirm that Divine Light flows through you, so that the ideals in your higher consciousness will come down into your everyday life.

     Be inventive. Use group energy to create synergy – individuals working together to free themselves and claim their divine right to be prosperous.

Uranus in Scorpio:

     You were born into a generation of people who had a very idealistic view of globalization. They envisioned worldwide, highest, spiritual enlightenment and they even declared that they were living in a New Age. At first, they saw it as an age of peace, but the influence of Scorpio gradually brought the international awareness down to the level of a secretive, worldwide, monetary scheme, in which a few people profited and took advantage of those with higher ideals. Even war was used as means of profit for a few.

Uranus in 12th house:

     Although your awareness is high above the material plane of money, you can still manifest material wealth if you choose, especially if you want it to help those in need. In fact, you may earn your living caring for the poor or the sick. Your good karma, of giving them hope and compassion, would be returned to you if you are ever in need. You are also extremely inventive at living on very little money yourself, if you have to or if you choose to, while you accomplish your higher ideals.

Chapter 9: Neptune

     The energy of Neptune is very subtle and beyond the realm of attachment to money. In fact, Neptune rules Pisces, the sign of the fish, and its influence is just to make money flow in and out of your life without paying conscious attention to it, just as the water flows along where a fish lives.

     The influence of Neptune has to do with sharing with the less fortunate in a compassionate way, in order to keep the flow of money going. If money flows into your life, it needs to keep going and keep the subtler, karmic cycle going. If you share with others in their time of need, you will be provided for by others in the future.

     Some individuals choose consciously to renounce their money and possessions in favor of living a more spiritual life. They find happiness and fulfillment in values which are above and beyond the material plane. Some access that higher plane and come back with creative inspiration for their artistic endeavors or channeled insights from higher, spiritual beings which can assist others.

Neptune in Sagittarius:

     You were born at a time when there was a movement back to traditional religious and spiritual values. There was compassion and generosity. New ideas came forward about the use of positive affirmations to reach the subconscious mind and attract prosperity. Some people were carried away by illusions about their level of prosperity and they overspent and, for example, bought properties which they intended to flip but were caught with when the bubble burst. Still, their positive thinking carried them through.

Neptune in 1st house:

     You have self-confidence in your creative talent as a musician, artist, or dancer. You could make money by being your own promoter of your talent. You might also be successful as a psychic, because you have good receptivity to the subtle energies around you and a positive way of using this knowledge. You are able to use the inspiration of your subconscious mind for the creation of actual, physical wealth.

Neptune Sextile Pluto:

     This aspect has to do with the age in which you were born, rather than with your prosperity as an individual. Most people alive today have this aspect in their natal chart. Economically, it is a relatively fortunate age, in which peace and financial security ultimately prevail. There are major challenges and danger to overcome, but ample opportunity for compassion and regenerative willpower to win out and solve these problems.

Neptune Conjunct Asc.:

     Because you come across as being very imaginative and mysterious, you could make your living as a magician, psychic or story-teller. Other possible careers would be dancer, artist, or musician. You might be a professional photographer. Your subconscious mind is very closely linked to your outward actions and, if you consciously introduce prosperity affirmations into your subconscious mind, you will very soon be behaving in ways which will bring you prosperity.

Chapter 10: Pluto

     The contribution of Pluto – the outermost planet – to our prosperity is to help us realize that the most extreme transformations imaginable are possible. For example, if you have lost money, it is equally possible that you can gain money, and even more than you had before.

     Because prosperity is first created in the thoughts we choose to think and then in the manifested, physical, outer world, it stands to reason that the more deeply and intensely we think our thoughts of prosperity, the more prosperous we will become. Pluto gives us that willpower to reach the deepest, core beliefs which we have in our unconscious mind. Once we identify and transform our core beliefs, huge, far-reaching changes will occur in our prosperity and our happiness.

     Pluto also rules the economy on a mass scale. We are influenced by the overall world trends and we, in turn, have an influence on them. If we use our willpower to rise above mass consciousness, we can still be prosperous in any economy, because we ultimately create our own reality.

Pluto in Libra:

     You were born in an age when the legal rights of all citizens were being established. There were many drastic reforms to existing laws, especially human rights legislation and marriage contracts. These changes, in turn, had economic effects on a large scale. For example, women’s financial equality became recognized. Relationships were re-defined and two-income families became common.

Pluto in 10th house:

     You have tremendous potential for success in reaching the top of a large organization, such as a company, the military, or government. That is because you innately understand that, in order to succeed, you have to work long and hard and overcome all obstacles. You possess strong willpower, honesty, and reliability in a crisis. You would be good at taking over a company and turning it around so that it will make a profit. Always deal with honest people and build a good reputation.

Chapter 11: The Ascendant

     Your Ascendant represents your own self-expression. Once you have combined your positive, conscious thoughts for prosperity with the absorption of these thoughts by the subconscious mind, your new, outward expression shows the world how ready you are to acquire prosperity.

     Traditionally, your Ascendant indicates your career; the area of life where you are best prepared, and best talented, to offer your work to others in exchange for money. On the higher level, your Ascendant represents your mission in life, your outward path towards making the world a better place. In return for doing this, you receive prosperity. In your own, self-expressive mission, you are going beyond the expectations of what others think you should be doing to achieve your own, higher goals.

     Your Ascendant is your outward personality, the impression which others first have of you and what they most immediately respond to. Sometimes first impressions are the basis of whether others are willing to do business with you. However, remember that your Ascendant has the input of your conscious and subconscious mind. Therefore, others are really responding to your deeper thoughts and affirmations as well.

Ascendant in Sagittarius:

     Although you are way above being attached to money, you have excellent fund-raising ability for your religious or philosophical causes. You may receive money in large quantities by lecturing, travel, exporting, or publishing. You will be generous with this money, because of your faith that its source is divine and infinite. You are a master of prosperity consciousness and of the knowledge that faith and positive thinking are the key to attracting wealth. You seek to share this insight with others.

Chapter 12: The Part of Fortune

     Your Part of Fortune is a special, astrological indicator of your prosperity potential. It is shown in your chart by a circle with an “X” in it. It represents a position calculated from your Sun, Moon and Ascendant, rather than being an actual planet in the sky. It is a symbolic representation of where the energies of your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant best work together for your prosperity and well being. Your Part of Fortune is one of several of what are called Arabian Parts, from Arabian astrology, which pertain to different aspects of your life, including your prosperity.

     Your Part of Fortune has a connotation something like that of Jupiter, but it goes beyond Jupiter. It represents prosperity, wealth, optimism, benevolence and good fortune like Jupiter. However, it also represents your awareness within and how you focus it on prosperity. The Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign (Ascendant) were already there, outside of you, when you were born. However, it is through your own conscious willpower, having command over your subconscious beliefs, and expressing these new, positive beliefs, that you achieve prosperity. It is in your overall, individual aura that your prosperity potential is expressed and this is represented by your Part of Fortune.

Part of Fortune in Taurus:

     Because you are already situated in a position of higher, spiritual enlightenment, your financial efforts are now focused on unfolding the peace and security which you feel within, rather than the old order of trying to find security from outer, material possessions. The type of work which you do will involve bringing the experience of inner peace to others. This may involve providing them with a chance to enjoy the serenity of nature’s trees and scenery, so that they can listen to their inner voice and free themselves from the burden of material attachments.

Part of Fortune in 5th house:

     Your greatest happiness and prosperity comes from your creative ability. It is through acts of creation that you become one with the Creator. You are celebrating life itself! You are bringing the energy of life and inspiration to others by your generosity and the positive light you offer them by being their leader. This is fulfillment for you in the ultimate sense. Whether you are teaching children or painting a picture or leading  a recreational activity or performing in a play, you are sharing your inner happiness and radiating great joy.