Astrology Asteroid Report 📑


By reading your Asteroids Report by author Tara Cochrane you can see for yourself if the asteroids conjunct the Sun, Moon, and planets in your birth chart. This report provides keys to many of the situations that you encounter in your life.

Of the hundred of thousand of asteroids that orbit around our Sun, over 1.000 of them have been given names that are related to myths, legends, literarly or historical figures of interest, or places. Some astrologers believe that asteroids have a significance and relevance to human life as the planets do, and that the astrological significance of the asteroid is often related in some way to the name of the asteroid.

In this report 1.425 asteroids are analyzed to see if they are conjuct in zodiac longitude the Sun, Moon, or planets in the birth chart within a 1 degree orb. If the conjuncion occurs, information about the asteroid is provided.



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