Astro Numerology 📑+🎧


This Numerology Report by David Cochrane is based on the following calculations.

  • Your SOUL NUMBER reveals your inner, private self, the underlying motivations that influence your decisions and actions, your subconscious desires and most deeply ingrained attitudes. 
  • You PERSONALITY NUMBER shows how you express yourself outwardly, your appearance and the image you present, how others see you, your power of attraction and the surroundings you enjoy most. 
  • Your DESTINY NUMBER represents your overall aims and the path you will follow in order to accomplish your life’s purpose. 
  • Your CAREER NUMBER shows your talents and gifts and what types of careers or vocations you are most suited for. 
  • Your MISSING NUMBER (or numbers) show your areas of weakness and what is underdeveloped in your nature. 
  • The FIRST INITIAL in your name indicates the most significant quality of your personality and the traits which make you unique in the eyes of other people.
  • The FIRST VOWEL of your name reveals your instinctive reaction to people and situations.


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