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Life Path Report For

Angelina Jolie

4 June 1975, 9:09
Los Angeles, California


    Most people are familiar with their Sun sign based on the month and day of birth. The Sun sign answers the question, “What’s your sign?” It is the reference point that is employed when we read newspaper and magazine horoscopes. But what about the nine other heavenly bodies that make their influence felt in our lives? These planets were also in a particular sign of the zodiac when you were born. Here is where Astrology really begins to come alive for each individual. This report will take you on a revealing journey as you travel through each interpretation based on your unique month, day, and year of birth. If your birth time was included, then the Rising sign will add yet another dimension to your personal horoscope interpretation. If it is not included because you don’t have an accurate time of birth, there is still much useful and insightful personal information that can be gleaned from your report.

    This  report  takes  into  account  the  various  spiritual  and  psychological  implications,  as  well  as  the  material  plane  potentials  which  are  part  of  your  individual  life  plan.  In  this  case  the  word  potential  is  used  because  you  have  been  given  a  certain  amount  of  free  will  and  the  life  choices  that  you  make  will  determine  to  a  large  extent  the  level  at  which  these  cosmic  energies  actually  play  themselves  out.  Use  this  report  to  find  confirmation  for  what  you  already  feel  intuitively  and  to  unlock  the  door  for  new  life  possibilities  that  you  may  not  have  yet  considered.  This  is  where  the  strength  and  real  value  of  your  personal  Astrological  report  is  found.

Report Interpretation

Chapter 1:  The Ascendant

    The precise time on the day of your birth determines your particular Ascendant, also known as your Rising Sign. This was the zodiac sign that was rising over the horizon when you were born. In addition to your Sun and Moon Sign, the Rising Sign reveals very important traits that make up a major part of your personality and your individual approach to life. This is usually the impression you like to make before you really get to know someone; it is your outer personality and image.

Cancer Rising:

    There is a distinct part of your outer personality that expresses itself very much like a Cancer. You are emotional, personable and intuitive.

    Since  this  was  the  sign  of  the  zodiac  that  was  rising  over  the  horizon  at  your  time  of  birth,  the  principle  of  Cancer–your  personal  security  foundation–will  be  integrated  into  almost  every  area  of  life  in  some  way.

    The Moon is your chart ruler. To discover even more about what’s a priority for you, and also the first impression you make on others, read everything in the chapter on the Moon.

Venus Conjunct or in hard aspect to Asc.:

    You are a naturally attractive person and other people find it easy to relate to you. The image you project is very important to you and you will usually invest whatever time and effort you feel necessary on grooming, the right clothes, etc. You do this because you may feel more than just a hint of chronic dissatisfaction with yourself. Even at your absolute best, you still feel as though there’s room for improvement.

Uranus Conjunct or in hard aspect to Asc.:

    You’re anything but a stick-in-the-mud. You march to the beat of a different drummer and you’re something of a rebel. You crave excitement and when life gets too predictable (i.e., boring) you know how to stir things up again.

    You’ll  often  speak  your  mind  regardless  of  the  effect  pro  or  con,  that  it  has  on  other  people.  As  a  result,  you  attract  other  strong  personalities  who  can  handle  your  sometimes  volatile  personality  and  not  be  offended.

Chapter 2: The Sun

    The placement of the Sun in your chart will show you how (the sign) and in which area of life (the house) tremendous potential exists for you. Here is where you want to be successful. The Sun cannot be ignored. We must meet and deal with the area of life that the Sun shines on in our chart in order find ultimate fulfillment. Everything revolves around the Sun. When you master whatever issues the Sun points to, then other areas of life will proceed in a more balanced and satisfactory manner. The Sun also represents: your own will, major goals, the father, men in your life, children, creativity, and the real inner you.

Sun in Gemini:

    Clever, social, and communicative, your general approach to life is light hearted. You can be somewhat hard to pin down because you have a wonderful natural curiosity about life. You prefer to know at least a little bit about everything. The restless nature of Gemini is quite conducive to your preference for a wide variety of experiences and mental pursuits. Geminis often won’t take a particular subject into great depth, but for you, just having a taste of the smorgasbord that life offers is enough to satisfy.

    This  is  the  sign  of  communication  in  all  of  its  various  forms,  whether  verbal,  written,  or  just  learning  for  the  joy  of  it.  You  like  sharing  what  you  have  learned  with  others,  and  the  latest  news  and  even  gossip  has  a  hard  time  sneaking  by  you.

    Because of your storehouse of bits of information, you find it easy to understand different viewpoints, and you prefer to agree with someone rather than create conflict.

    Taking  life  too  seriously  is  not  appealing  to  you.  “Lighten  up”  could  be  your  motto  and  other  people  sense  this,  which  generally  makes  you  easy  to  be  around  and  therefore  in  demand  socially.

Sun in 11th house:

    Your personal fulfillment is reinforced by expressing your uniqueness. Chances are you will find yourself having to work cooperatively within the framework of a group of people. The life challenge here is to work cooperatively while maintaining a certain amount of your own autonomy. You may have to make a choice about leaving the confines of a particular group and striking out on your own at some point.

    You  must  rely  on  your  intuition  when  dealing  with  certain  associates,  as  this  placement  of  the  Sun  can  make  you  vulnerable  to  being  taken  advantage  of  by  those  who  don’t  really  have  your  best  interest  at  heart.  On  the  other  hand,  influential  people  may  appear  who  can  help  you  attain  your  fondest  hopes  and  wishes.

    There is a side to you that can be unpredictable, rebellious and highly independent. That which is considered to be different, unusual, or in some cases bizarre, appeals to you. You’re often a step ahead of the crowd. Appreciate your own uniqueness.

Moon in soft aspect to Sun:

    Confident and basically self-assured, you know how to work for and not against, yourself. Your life goals are in sync with your emotional nature. You are basically well balanced and this aspect supports favorable outcomes even during crisis times.

    Mom  and  Dad  were  probably  quite  satisfied  with  their  relationship  when  you  were  born.  Of  course  there’s  no  telling  how  things  eventually  played  out,  but  your  earliest  impression  of  relationships  was  most  likely  a  favorable  one.

Mars in soft aspect to Sun:

    Here is the opportunity to draw on willpower backed by action when the need arises. Vitality and physical energy are promoted in a positive manner and your endurance is high when you’re motivated. You know how to compete for your own survival, but you generally don’t go out of your way to challenge others unless you feel it’s really necessary.

Neptune Conjunct or in hard aspect to Sun:

    Your creative urges are stimulated by your imagination. However, the free expression of your will can be challenged by feelings of self doubt, making it necessary for you to avoid allowing yourself the luxury of self condemning thoughts. Stay away from negative modes of escapism (sleeping too much, drugs, etc.).

    Trust  inner  voices  that  alert  you  to  people,  places  and  things  that  don’t  have  your  best  interest  at  heart.  To  override  this  intuition  is  to  invite  disappointment  and  regrets.  Observe  the  difference  between  true  intuition  and  unrealistic  fear.

Chapter 3: The Moon

    The Moon in your chart represents the past and points to an area of life (the house) where we function out of instinctive awareness. Often we have a deep emotional need to do the things that the Moon’s house placement represents. Whenever insecurities arise and our feelings become involved, we tend to bring the traits (the sign) of our Moon into play. The Moon is like our security blanket. It also represents: the home, females in your life, the mother, nurturing others or being nurtured ourselves, as well as things related to the domestic scene in general.

Moon in Aries:

    Intense, spontaneous, and often impatient, there is a certain sense of urgency surrounding whatever you undertake.  You can display a quick temper, but once your anger has been duly expressed, you rapidly get on with life again.  Holding a grudge isn’t especially appealing to you.

    You  can  be  jealous  if  you  feel  threatened  and  will  definitely  fight  for  a  cause  especially  if  it  pertains  to  you  personally.

    You need a sense of adventure and a challenge.  When your mood and emotions are low, there is nothing like a new project to lift your spirit again.

Moon in 9th house:

    You can be restless, and you’ve probably done more than your share of being on the move.  You need to expand your horizons and this is often accomplished through travel, higher education or simply getting away from it all by periodically communing with nature.

    This  placement  of  the  Moon  can  also  indicate  residence  in  a  foreign  country  even  if  it’s  only  temporary.

    Your imagination is expansive and the potential exists to experience prophetic dreams.

Mars Conjunct or in hard aspect to Moon:

    When you feel emotionally shaky, you tend to imagine the worst and this manifests outwardly as being oversensitive. Usually, you don’t lose your temper without a good reason. Other people can be surprised by the intensity of some of your emotional outbursts. However they usually pass as quickly as they began. Deep down you hate having to surrender to anyone or anything.

Jupiter Conjunct or in hard aspect to Moon:

    When you become emotionally involved in a situation, you tend to blow things out of proportion. Once an emotion takes hold, it’s hard for you to show restraint and then you wonder why others find it difficult to get as worked up as you are, or take you as seriously as you’d like.

    When  you’re  upset  you  can  get  careless  and  you  cope  by  indulging  your  whims  of  the  moment.

Saturn Conjunct or in hard aspect to Moon:

    Try not to be so hard on yourself. You’re a whole lot better than you think you are. When you recognize your worth, you can accomplish your goals whatever they may be.

    Vague  feelings  of  melancholy  and  pessimism  can  be  defeated  by  staying  actively  involved  in  life  and  taking  some  constructive  action  toward  a  future  goal.  You  are  someone  who  benefits  by  making  sure  that  you  have  planned  something  each  day  to  look  forward  to,  no  matter  how  small.

Neptune in soft aspect to Moon:

    You are sensitive, empathetic, and impressionable. Your imagination is pronounced.

    Your  perception  of  the  world  around  you  is  based  on  your  ability  to  instinctively  pick  up  the  subtle  vibrations  in  the  environment  that  other  people  seem  oblivious  to.  Many  times  you  are  led  through  life  on  a  kind  of  invisible  radar  that  puts  you  in  the  just  the  right  place  at  the  right  time.

Chapter 4: Mercury

    Mercury is the planet of communication. It tells us about how we think and talk. You can gain insight into your mode of gathering, processing and transmitting information from Mercury’s placement in your chart. Mercury also represents: transportation, the five senses, youth, reading, and writing.

Mercury in Gemini:

    Mercury functions well in Gemini. This placement makes you curious and clever with fascinating bits of information about a variety of subjects.  You learn easily and you have a never-ending curiosity about life.  You love talking about whatever is going on, especially in your immediate environment. Your mind is logical and you possess a quick wit.

    It’s  interesting  to  note  that  the  sign  of  the  twins  (Gemini)  is  associated  with  the  ability  to  mimic.  It’s  easy  for  you  to  pick  up  and  copy  the  accents  and  nuances  of  language.  You  might  even  be  able  to  do  verbal  characterizations  of  other  people  with  ease.

    Easily bored, somewhat anxious and indecisive at times, the biggest challenge here becomes trying to focus on too many things at one time and thus having your projects sabotaged by a scattered approach.

Mercury in 11th house:

    You probably have numerous social contacts and many of your friendships are based on shared ideas rather than purely emotional interests.

    You  have  an  active  mind  and  the  ability  to  come  up  with  unusual  ideas.    You  can  harness  the  power  of  your  mind  to  turn  your  wishes  into  actuality.

Mercury is Retrograde

    Lots of conversations are carried on inside your own head. With Mercury retrograde, you rarely blurt things out without thinking them over first. As a result, you may often find it easier to express yourself in writing. If so inclined, you’d make an excellent writer.

Chapter 5: Venus

    Venus is the planet of relating to others, and thus is associated with love, attraction and socializing. In a male’s chart, Venus can provide clues about traits he finds attractive in females. In a female’s chart, it reveals something about how she relates to males. Venus is also the planet of material goodies and sensual delights in all of their various forms. Venus also represents: money, harmonious conditions, pleasurable activities, beauty, and the arts.

Venus in Cancer:

    A natural romantic, you are sentimental, charming and unselfish.  This placement either makes you a mothering, nurturing partner, or it may work the other way around and make you long to be nurtured and cared for yourself.  Hopefully, a balance can be obtained.  Love equals security to you and you may often be imposed upon because others will sense your desire to please and attempt to take advantage of you. You may attract a partner who has some “growing up” to do in some regard.

    Venus  in  Cancer  people  will  never  really  forget  a  love  affair  or  anyone  else  with  whom  there  was  a  strong  emotional  attachment.  The  challenge  here  would  be  to  let  go  of  the  past  and  move  on  when  the  time  comes.

Venus in 12th house:

    You enjoy your own company and you may have a higher than average desire to retreat from the chaos of the world.

    Quite  often,  relationships  are  sparked  by  an  instant  knowing  of  the  other  person  based  on  a  subconscious  past  life  recognition.

    You may experience at least one affair of the heart that you choose to keep to yourself.

    You  can  be  easily  hurt  and  you  will  sometimes  choose  to  deny  your  own  true  feelings,  preferring  instead  to  keep  them  buried  where  the  risk  of  disappointment  or  rejection  is  avoided.

Uranus Conjunct or in hard aspect to Venus:

    Relationships in general often begin suddenly, but they also can end just as abruptly.  This aspect brings many unusual associates and alliances, and you are attracted to people who are considered “different” by societal norms. If a relationship turns sour, you can become quite aloof as a way to emotionally cope with disappointments.

    Financial  matters  often  seem  subject  to  sudden  and  unexpected  circumstances  that  seem  beyond  your  control.  Consider  getting  a  handle  on  any  impulsive  spending  habits.  Develop  a  routine  of  sticking  some  cash  away  so  that  sudden  financial  obligations  don’t  turn  into  a  major  crisis.

Chapter 6: Mars

    Mars is our planet of action, energy output, motivation, and instinctive biological drives. It shows how and in which area of life you are willing to put forth a lot of effort. Mars’ energy is quick, impulsive, and survival oriented. In a male’s chart, Mars reveals something about how he relates to females. In a female’s chart, Mars can provide clues about the traits she finds attractive in males. Mars also represents: competitive situations, conflicts, accidents, and sexual energies.

Mars in Aries:

    With Mars in Aries you are most certainly a survivor in every way.  Mars feels very much at home in the sign Aries.  You are capable of quick and fearless action when the need arises.

    You  want  everything  now,  and  will  display  a  good  deal  of  impatience  when  it  is  not  immediately  forthcoming!

    You should watch the tendency to be overly aggressive and daring as this placement can make you somewhat accident prone. A high degree of leadership, natural competitiveness, and the ability to put your conscience aside in the name of survival make those with Mars in Aries good candidates for military or athletic careers.

Mars in 9th house:

    You are more than willing to fight for truth, honor and justice. Fairness is important to you and life isn’t always fair. Whatever your philosophy on life is, you will adamantly defend it, but only when you know you’re right. Much of what you believe is based on your own intuitive judgment.

    You’ll  energetically  pursue  higher  education  and  travel  holds  great  appeal  for  you.

    You can be a champion for earth related and environmental issues. You instinctively know how to survive in the wilderness (just in case you wanted to know!).

Jupiter Conjunct or in hard aspect to Mars:

    You can be quite impulsive and you may take actions that you later regret because you act first and think later. There is a tendency to be somewhat accident prone. Use caution and develop patience especially when using potentially dangerous machinery.

    You  have  a  lot  of  drive  which,  ideally,  you  can  learn  to  control  and  focus  on  constructive  goals.  In  this  case  you  can  get  a  lot  accomplished.

    Sports can provide an excellent way to channel your natural competitive urges and this aspect can give you the edge in athletic pursuits.

Neptune in soft aspect to Mars:

    You can tap into unseen energies in your environment and that combined with the survival instincts of Mars gives you a very good sense of what is going on around you even if there appears to be no rational explanation for it. An example of this would be feeling like taking an alternate route to work one day and later finding that you avoided a major traffic jam.

    If  you  use  the  highest  form  of  these  energies,  you  will  spare  no  effort  when  it  involves  helping  someone  out.

Pluto Conjunct or in hard aspect to Mars:

    No one can ever accuse you of being wishy-washy or half hearted. Intensity of purpose and fearlessness mark your approach to going after what you want. If you feel threatened, you can be ruthless or even downright cruel. You are extremely goal oriented and if you use this aspect with wisdom, then nothing can stop you from achieving almost anything you wish.

    Get  in  touch  with  and  cultivate  your  compassionate  side.

Chapter 7: Jupiter

    Jupiter is the planet of expansion and taking things beyond normal limits. It shows us where the universe allows us to indulge ourselves, and often we find that wherever it is in the chart is where things work out in our favor eventually. Some call this luck. Jupiter also represents: faith, ideas about God, abstract thinking, high ideals, and abundance.

Jupiter in Aries:

    Much of your success in life is directly related to your ability to initiate action.  Waiting around for life to hand you what you desire is definitely not your style. You don’t waste time sitting around wondering if a particular action will produce results that you may later regret; you just do it.

    You  possess  an  abundance  of  energy,  assertiveness,  and  optimism.  You  are  quick  to  recognize  opportunities  before  they  pass  you  by  and  you  know  how  to  make  the  most  of  them.

    Try not to over extend yourself. Practice thinking twice before you act at least some of the time. Make sure that your generosity is well placed.

Jupiter in 9th house:

    Your nature is philosophical and intellectual.  You probably see God as a beneficial and merciful being.

    Foreign  people,  places  and  things  can  be  fortunate  for  you.  The  great  outdoors  calls  to  you  from  time  to  time  and  you  may  even  end  up  living  in  the  country  if  your  desire  to  get  away  is  strong.

    Truth, fairness and high ideals go a long way with you.

    You  might  get  reckless  every  so  often  because  Jupiter  here  can  be  very  lucky  and  it’s  easy  to  feel  invincible  sometimes.

    This is an excellent placement for teachers and preachers.

Saturn Conjunct or in hard aspect to Jupiter:

    Often you feel challenged to find a balance between letting your hair down and otherwise indulging yourself, versus doing what is considered proper and acceptable by traditional standards. Saturn, the planet of restraint, is urging you to create an equilibrium between these urges. Remember that you are being encouraged to find a balance, which doesn’t mean you must eliminate joy, optimism and hope.

    Trust  your  intuition  and  nurture  faith  and  positive  thinking.  If  you  find  that  obstacles  to  the  realization  of  goals  always  seem  to  pop  up,  then  it’s  important  for  you  to  take  an  honest  inner  inventory  of  what  you  really  believe  you  deserve.  Immerse  yourself  in  all  activities  that  encourage  self-esteem  and  positive  thinking.

Chapter 8: Saturn

    Saturn is our planet of restriction and discipline. It shows us where we may feel inadequate in some way, and thus we take this area of life very seriously because we want to perfect ourselves. Saturn also represents: life lessons to be learned, trials and tests, a strong sense of duty, and bringing ideas into material form.

Saturn in Cancer:

    You can be quite ambitious where personal security issues are at stake. Your upbringing might have been marked by a sense of melancholy and perhaps disappointments. Even though your parents cared for you, you may have still felt lonely and insecure. Defensiveness and inhibited emotional responses can create their own self fulfilling prophecies. As an adult you are now free to rewrite the script where your home life is concerned. Should you choose to establish your own family life, you will take the responsibility very seriously. You may have to learn that your own personal space can be a haven where happiness and optimism prevail.

    Reminder:  work  on  boosting  up  the  importance  of  your  own  opinion  about  yourself  rather  than  holding  yourself  back  because  of  a  need  for  approval  from  others,  especially  your  family.  Repressed  emotions  will  manifest  as  stomach  problems.  Learn  some  techniques  for  healthy  emotional  release.

Saturn in 12th house:

    This is a lifetime that will be greatly enriched by helping your fellow man altruistically. Make some time to add a little hope to someone else’s life. You can empathize with others’ feelings of hopelessness and despair because you have either experienced these emotions yourself or you have subconscious memories from past lives to draw on.

    Develop  conviction  and  learn  to  ignore  inner  voices  of  doubt  and  pessimism.

    Whatever you imagine can turn into reality, so you may as well make a pledge to yourself to think only the best. Take a chance on blind optimism.

Chapter 9: Uranus

    Uranus is a planet of unexpected change and unpredictable events. It tells us something about where we have unusual ideas and how we want to express our own unique individuality. Uranus also represents: rebelliousness, sudden awakenings, invention, progress, genius, anything “New Age,” and humanitarian efforts.

Uranus in Libra:

    Uranus was in the sign of Libra for approximately seven years. This means that you are part of a large group of people who will share many of the same fundamental characteristics such as the ability to be cooperative, diplomatic and fair. This placement of Uranus brings an unusual or progressive approach to marriage and partnerships in general.

    When  you  read  your  individual  house  placement  for  Uranus,  you  will  be  able  to  see  where  these  traits  will  express  themselves  on  a  more  personal  basis.

Uranus in 4th house:

    You can be a genius when it comes to being courageous enough to march to the beat of a different drummer. Your upbringing somehow encouraged this approach. Perhaps there were many changes of residence. If you struggled during your childhood because either you or your family circumstances didn’t fit the norm, this can now be utilized to your advantage.

    The  world  needs  more  free  thinkers.  Your  life  will  not  be  boring!

Uranus is Retrograde

    You can be a real character inside. Few people get this impression right away. You’d rather play the role of conformist until you feel comfortable enough to let your hair down. Then everyone is either shocked or pleasantly surprised depending on whom you hang out with.

Chapter 10: Neptune

    Neptune is a planet that dissolves hard and fast boundaries. It is where we don’t always see things as they really are, mostly because we would rather view the world through rose-colored glasses.

    With  Neptune,  anything  becomes  a  possibility,  especially  that  which  we  can  imagine.  Neptune  also  represents:  tuning  into  other  planes  of  reality,  the  spiritual  dimensions,  cosmic  consciousness,  movies,  music,  and  inspired  creativity.

Neptune in Sagittarius:

    Because Neptune stays in the same sign about fourteen years, there are many other people who will experience the same things that this placement brings to varying degrees. Some of these include: the ability to integrate unorthodox spiritual concepts with more traditional viewpoints, an intense attachment to personal freedom and philanthropic leanings based on compassion and idealism.

   Your  house  position  will  show  where  Neptune  affects  your  life  on  an  individual  basis.

Neptune in 5th house:

    Any creative pursuits which you undertake can be greatly reinforced with Neptune here. You have a flair for creating drama and glamour.

    The  dating  scene  and  other  activities  that  fall  into  the  “love  affair”  category  are  often  approached  with  unrealistic  expectations.  Later  on  when  reality  visits  you  can  end  up  feeling  disillusioned  and  betrayed.  These  kinds  of  situations  can  be  avoided  by  making  sure  that  you  and  your  intentions  are  nothing  less  than  accurately  represented  in  the  beginning  of  the  relationship.

    You would do well not to put all of your apples into speculative financial ventures because the outcome may often be not what you imagined.

Pluto in soft aspect to Neptune:

    Bigotry and narrow thinking are huge turn offs for you. You lean toward a humanitarian outlook and you see the big picture, whether it applies to you or society as a whole. Mysticism, magic and the occult attract your interest and you can choose to use any knowledge gained to produce positive results.

    Spirituality  can  undergo  a  complete  regeneration  process,  and  what  went  before  will  be  transformed  into  something  that  doesn’t  even  resemble  the  former.  Usually  there  is  a  period  of  total  chaos  and  confusion  before  order  is  restored.

    Anything that is based on deception and pretense will be brought to light and purged accordingly. The effects of this aspect are often generational and the outcome will affect large segments of the society you live in.

Neptune is Retrograde

    Ever heard the term “suffer in silence?” Does it apply to you? Ask yourself why you find it so difficult to share your real pain with others. Someone made you feel guilty a long time ago and now a part of you lives as though you’re trying to make up for whatever the original so-called transgression was. You want to heal the whole world. Start with forgiving yourself in no uncertain terms. Unload other people’s shabby misconceptions which have been foisted upon you and find the tranquility you deserve.

Chapter 11: Pluto

    Pluto is a planet that brings with it transformation. Something about the area of life that it points to will undergo a complete change. Significant lifestyle changes can happen whenever Pluto is involved. Deep, complex issues will be brought to light eventually. It is where conditions can swing from one extreme to the other. It’s all or nothing.

    Pluto  also  represents:  psychological  probing,  keeping  secrets  or  bringing  them  to  light,  power  and  control  issues,  obsessions,  healing  and  purification.

Pluto in Libra:

    Pluto is the slowest moving planet, and thus is recognized as exerting a generational influence as it moves through each zodiac sign.

    With  Pluto  in  Libra  you’re  part  of  the  generation  that  can  experience  radical  changes  in  the  marriage  code,  the  justice  system,  arts  and  culture,  as  well  as  relations  with  others  both  here  and  abroad.

    On a personal level, those with Pluto in Libra tend to be adaptable, intellectual, extravagant and concerned with fairness.

    Read  the  house  placement  for  Pluto  in  your  chart.  It  shows  you  an  area  of  life  where  this  planet  has  a  more  personal  influence.

Pluto in 3rd house:

    You can change your life by changing your thinking. Watch what you say as it can profoundly affect your life. That doesn’t mean to clam up. Repression is unhealthy. Verbalize positive words. Write your anger out with a vengeance and then burn it. Scream into your pillow. “It’s O.K.” “You’re O.K.”

    If  other  people  don’t  understand  your  intensity,  don’t  make  that  your  problem.  This  is  an  intense  world.

    You know how to keep a secret. You know how to dig them out of others too.

Pluto is Retrograde

    Some people go through massive changes that are clearly shown in outer circumstances. You go through tremendous inner upheavals followed by rejuvenation on the inside. You are one strong individual. You have depth of character and a lot of class. You’ve earned it. You’re like tempered glass. You might crack, but you won’t shatter.

Chapter 12: Elements, the North Node, and the Midheaven

    In this section of the report we interpret the following astrological influences: the Moon’s North Node, the MC (the 10th house cusp or Midheaven) and also a preponderance of an astrological element. A “preponderance” occurs when 4 or more planets or the Ascendant is in that element: fire, earth, air, or water. Many people do not have a heavy emphasis of a particular element so not everyone will have an interpretation of an element emphasis.

    If  the  individual  chart  has  aspects  to  the  MC,  these  will  reveal  certain  career  options  and  potentials  for  your  consideration.

    The North Node is an important pointer along the pathway of life. You’ll have to be willing to stretch yourself and move away from familiar patterns in order to meet the challenge of the North Node.  Great rewards will be reaped in the form of personal growth and reaching your potential goals. The North Node sign will suggest an approach to the area of life represented by its house position.

North Node in Sagittarius:

    Incorporating the following traits into your life will make it easier in the long run to attain goals.

    The  best  way  to  describe  this  principle  is  to  imagine  a  bird  having  to  leave  its  nest  for  the  first  time.  It  is  extremely  challenging,  but  it’s  the  only  way  to  really  learn  to  fly.

    Broaden your horizons. Go ahead and be blindly optimistic. Your faith in the future can see you through difficult times.

    Stretch  your  mental  muscles.  Take  some  courses  in  philosophy.  You  can  develop  a  talent  for  understanding  abstract  concepts.

    Boring, stagnating jobs or relationships can suffocate your free spirit. You must grow in this lifetime and a certain amount of freedom and adventure is as necessary for you as the air you breathe.

North Node in 5th house:

    The universe is encouraging you to play up the aforementioned traits in these areas of life.

    Consider  the  following:  get  in  touch  with  your  own  creative  urges  and  honor  your  heart’s  desires.  Recognize  the  importance  of  acknowledging  your  own  will.

    You can work well with children in some capacity, whether your own or other people’s children. You can learn a lot by observing the play of children and then finding a way to mirror that in your own life.

    Give  full  expression  to  your  capacity  to  love.  Make  some  time  for  socializing,  the  dating  scene  and  partying.  Work  on  feeling  comfortable  being  the  center  of  attention.

    Explore the stock market and learn all about making some wise financial investments for yourself.

MC Conjunct or in hard aspect to Moon:

    Professionally speaking, you’ll have to learn to go with the flow, as your main career may lack stability during the first half of your life. You may be a late bloomer where career is concerned, coming into full potential later in life. You can expect a strong female influence around the question of career.

    Ideally  your  career  should  be  one  that  allows  you  a  certain  amount  of  emotional  satisfaction.  Real  estate,  and  all  options  that  relate  to  the  domestic  scene  in  general,  represent  career  potentials.  Supportive,  care  taking  roles  are  favored;  likewise,  those  in  which  there  is  considerable  contact  with  the  public.

MC Conjunct or in hard aspect to Jupiter:

    Lofty ambitions and the desire for recognition spur you onward in the career department.

    Career  choices  may  include  teaching-especially  at  higher  levels,  law,  spiritual  counseling,  publishing,  or  working  in  the  travel  industry,  as  a  librarian,  or  in  sports  related  fields.

MC Conjunct or in hard aspect to Saturn:

    You can lead people because you have an aura of authority and responsibility that others pick up on and your advice is often sought out by those who need what they perceive to be a reliable source of input.

    Saturn  aspecting  your  career  cusp  demands  a  kind  of  perfection  and  those  who  have  it  are  often  successful  after  deciding  to  persevere  no  matter  what,  through  trying  times  and  obstacles.

    Suitable career options may include: politician, government worker, manager, accountant, corporate executive, construction and building worker, chiropractor, doctor, or dentist. Wherever precision combines with form, or reliable leadership qualities can be brought into play, you have a career possibility.

Four or more Fire Signs

    Energetic and aggressive, in this lifetime you will learn all about inspiration, faith, and living in the moment. Your intuition is highly developed and it’s not unusual for “fiery” people to see visions.

    Sports  and  athletic  events  are  an  excellent  way  for  you  to  fill  your  need  for  a  challenge  while  satisfying  your  inner  competitive  drive.

Four or more Air Signs

    Logical and analytical, you will learn all about using the powers of the mind. You respect mental accomplishment in yourself and others, and you may end up being considered an intellectual by your peers.

    If  something  doesn’t  make  sense,  you  find  it  well  nigh  impossible  to  throw  yourself  wholeheartedly  into  it.  Emotional  content  carries  little  weight  in  your  important  decision  making  processes.

Chapter 13: House Rulerships

   This chapter deals with an Astrological technique known as House Rulers. The “houses” of the horoscope deal primarily with your earth plane experiences. As such, the tone of these interpretations may appear to be more “predictive” in nature. Not all statements will apply absolutely to your experience. Here we are exploring some of the various options that may exist in your chart based on the links between these twelve major areas of life, the Houses of the Horoscope.

Ruler of 1st house in 9th:

   You have a strong interest in broadening your mental experiences, perhaps through higher education, exploring different philosophies of life, or even through developing your own ideas about what makes the universe tick.

   Be  ready  to  do  some  long  distance  traveling  during  your  life.  It’s  in  the  stars.

Ruler of 2nd house in 11th:

   You may be someone who chooses to put some of your own money into supporting a humanitarian cause, or some other kind of organization representing a cause that you feel strongly about. There’s a part of you that values efforts dedicated to creating changes which have global influence.

   The  money  you  earn  yourself  will  assist  in  the  manifestation  of  your  fondest  hopes  and  wishes.  Open  up  a  “dream  come  true”  account  for  yourself.

   Your sense of self worth is supported by the love you receive from others. Do yourself a favor and hang out with those who assist rather than detract from your causes. Wishes can come true when the self worth is strong enough to open the door for them.

Ruler of 3rd house in 11th:

   This indicates that you may think quite a bit about changing the world through humanitarian or other group efforts.

   You  have  many  ideas  about  how  to  manifest  your  fondest  hopes  and  wishes.  Your  thinking  may  be  a  bit  radical,  ahead  of  the  times  or  unusual  in  some  way.

   You may have a lot of communication with friends, acquaintances and groups of people.

Ruler of 4th house in 12th:

   There may have been unclear circumstances surrounding your mother or other close family members-perhaps mentally creating an idealized version of your childhood circumstances.

   You  could  be  a  very  private  person  and  you  feel  emotionally  secure  even  when  you  are  alone.

   This can also mean that you’ll become more spiritually oriented during the second half of life, perhaps putting more emphasis on developing that side of yourself.

Ruler of 5th house in 3rd:

   You enjoy anything related to transportation (cars, planes, etc.)

   Your  children  are  often  on  your  mind  and  they  might  even  influence  your  ideas.  Children  in  general  are  willing  to  listen  to  you.  You  may  enjoy  the  teaching  field.

Ruler of 6th house in 9th:

   The work you do may be related to teaching at a higher level or it could be involved with the publishing or advertising fields. It may require a good deal of travel or it may be that you simply work outside versus sitting in a traditional office job. Or, your work may actually be related to your religious/spiritual ideals.

   If  you  own  pets,  you  may  prefer  large  ones  to  small  ones.

Ruler of 7th house in 12th:

   With regards to marriage and other close partnerships, you could find yourself playing a supportive role from behind-the-scenes in some way.  Your partner may have past life issues to finish up with you this time around.

   At  some  point,  you  may  involve  yourself  in  a  partnership  that  has  a  hidden  quality  about  it,  or  you  could  become  involved  with  someone  who  is  not  free  in  the  usual  sense.

Ruler of 8th house in 4th:

   Other people’s money may come your way towards the second half of your life or you can inherit some real estate.

   A  partner’s  resources  could  have  an  impact  on  your  home  or  the  place  where  you  live.

   Your attitude towards expressing deep intimacy with another person was strongly influenced by your upbringing.

Ruler of 9th house in 5th:

   It might be important for you to teach your children, or even children in general, your philosophies on life.

   You  believe  in  the  power  of  giving  love.

   Travel, or some kind of participation in sports represents a form of recreation for you.

   Your  personal  beliefs  are  expressed  through  your  creative  abilities.

Ruler of 10th house in 9th:

   Your career could require long distance travel or even travel overseas. You can teach what you have already been successful at. In other words you could teach others your career.

   You  may  have  a  strong  sense  of  duty  towards  religious  principles  or  a  spiritual  path  of  some  kind.

   Perhaps you want to be responsible for your own higher education and/or developing your own belief system.

Ruler of 11th house in 12th:

   You may prefer to keep your fondest hopes and wishes to yourself.

   Some  of  your  friends  and  acquaintances  may  be  people  you  knew  in  a  past  life.  Or,  there  may  be  a  hidden  element  to  those  relationships.  Illusion  could  also  play  a  part.

   You could have a desire to serve humankind altruistically or help other people in a behind-the-scenes capacity. This astrological influence can also denote a relationship to secret organizations.

   Your  unusual  ideas  can  lead  to  your  own  undoing.  This  possibility  can  manifest  as  a  result  of  extremely  radical  approaches.  Diplomacy  and  the  inclusion  of  others  can  only  help  your  causes.

Ruler of 12th house in 11th:

   There could be a strong past life connection with your friends.  You could also have a kind of predestined involvement with certain organizations and large groups of people.  You may feel a desire to help others through humanitarian efforts and organizations. You may experience confusion about your friends.

   Radical  behavior  that  stems  from  rebelliousness  simply  for  the  sake  of  upsetting  other  people’s  applecarts  can  work  against  you  eventually.  Look  for  the  common  ground  between  yourself  and  others.  Humans  all  have  certain  fundamental  goals  that  are  similar,  the  only  real  difference  is  the  paths  taken  to  achieve  them.