Harmonics Report For

Justin Bieber

1 March 1994, Time: 0:56
London, CAN, Ontario


You have a strong sentimental side that may not be obvious to others. It is critically important for you to have close and strong family relationships and friendships. Any difficulties in your personal relationships tend to destroy your enthusiasm, confidence and effectiveness in all areas of life.

        You are passionate, almost obsessive, in love relationships. You do not always follow logic and reason when it comes to affairs of the heart. When you feel passionate about someone or something, you tend to be compulsive and obsessive. It is easy for you to break social taboos and your marriage and life style may be unusual.

        You are a tenacious and resourceful competitor. If you feel that something is important, you can persevere. However, your capacity for perseverance is dependent on whether the goal is personally meaningful. You have stamina and endurance for the battles that you choose to fight.

        Like most people, you become impatient and angry when faced with repeated delays and frustrations. Fortunately, your need for action and dynamic progress is not constant and pervasive, but there are times when you will become impatient and possibly angry when faced with obstacles and inefficiency.

        You are fascinated by deeper feelings and you have a need to express your deepest fears, hopes, sorrows, and joys through emotionally intense experiences. You may have an interest in suspense movies or books, extreme sports, or depth psychology.

        Periodically you need to express yourself creatively, perhaps spontaneously and even with some improvisation. Humor, adventure, and an element of surprise inspire you and make you feel really alive. Romantic outings can be great fun for you. You are attracted to originality and creativity, and you can feel stifled and repressed by the same scenery and same environment every day. Most likely you are not rebellious or conspicuously unusual, but your tastes are very progressive.

        Sometimes a daily routine may just seem too prosaic and uninspiring to you. You need a sense of magic and vision in your life. You may quench your thirst for the exotic by traveling to distant places, involvement in the arts, reading fantasy, or religious or spiritual philosophy. In one way or another you have a need to feel liberated from responsibilities and feel inspired.

        You have excellent stamina. You will see your goals through to the end, and you are able to work very hard, train or meet obstacles that would make others feel exhausted or very stressed.

        You enjoy life, and probably enjoy a good game of golf, a ski trip, or a great concert or other performance on occasion. You appreciate entertaining and uplifting experiences and you manage to find them regardless of where you live.

        You have a talent for freeing people from inhibitions, shyness, and apathy. You bring very fresh and exciting new perspectives and you introduce new ways of doing things.

        You enjoy, and seek out, relationships that bring interesting experiences into your life. Laughter, games, and learning together are likely to be more important to you than physical attraction. You are likely to take a creative approach to your home environment and your tastes are a bit unconventional or more sensitively developed than other people in your family. If you have not developed the qualities described above, then this is a side of yourself that you may have suppressed or avoided, and consequently liberating your creative, fun-loving side can fill an empty or missing aspect of your life.

        You are compassionate and you strive to help people adhere to basic spiritual values or principles that will give meaning and purpose to their lives. You have a strong attunement to sound religious, ethical, or spiritual values that benefit you and could benefit others too.

        Like most people, you can get fascinated by new technology, a movie, inspirational song, or a new perspective on almost any subject. You appreciate imaginative or elegant presentations or designs. This may not be a conspicuous part of your life, but expressing your childlike wonder is a healthy thing to do.

You have an excellent sense of artistic design, and you may also have a talent for writing because you can organize thoughts in a coherent and attractive way. You have a knack for seeing the essential themes, plot, concepts, structure, and organization of literary and artistic ideas. You are good at removing redundancy and unnecessary information. Some training in grammar, literary composition, art, or music theory can provide you with tools that you can utilize effectively throughout your life.

Your romantic and sexual energy is very strong. At times a relationship may survive based on sexual attraction, while mutual understanding, kindness, and love are not as easy to find. If this happens, it is best to not make long-term commitments until a more complete and satisfying relationship is clearly possible.

You are a dedicated and responsible worker. If an area interests you, then you will put in long hours and do whatever it takes to achieve the goal. Any great achievement requires the hard work and sacrifice of people; you are one of those people that makes this achievement possible, even though you may not receive the credit you deserve.

You have fast reflexes and a talent for playing musical instruments. You are clever and have a good sense of humor. You succeed in areas that require spontaneity and the ability to quickly solve problems or come up with creative ideas.