Angelina and Brad

Compatibility For

Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt

Angelina’s Sun in Gemini and Brad’s Sun in Sagittarius:

     Both of you are curious individuals, rather restless and on-the-go. You inspire one another to learn, grow, take chances, and make changes, and you feel hopeful and positive together. If nothing else, you always laugh at life’s ironies and at yourselves, when you are together.

     Both of you thrive on freedom, mental stimulation, and variety.

     One difference between you is that Brad has convictions, beliefs, ideals, or ethical principles that are very meaningful to Brad, while Angelina may not agree or feel very strongly one way or another about them.

Angelina’s Moon in Aries and Brad’s Moon in Capricorn:

     Your instinctive emotional responses, habitual feelings, and emotional tone, and ways of coping with challenges are very different. Angelina’s initial response is often anger or indignation. Angelina takes a positive, enthusiastic stance and wants to “do battle” with challenges. Brad tends to withdraw in order to formulate a strategy for dealing with the problem. Brad downplays the feelings and emotions evoked by the situation, focusing instead on “what needs to be done” – the concrete aspects of the situation.

     Angelina is spontaneous and direct in expressing desires and feelings; Brad is careful and controlled, often quite subdued. Angelina tends to be a bit self-centered and expects to get what he/she wants, whereas Brad often feels undeserving of pleasure, comfort or the fulfillment of desires. Brad instinctively feels that hard work will be necessary to achieve anything (emotional satisfaction or personal ambitions). Angelina instinctively believes “I can”. Brad is a doubter, and this can be a problem between you. Positively, Brad can help Angelina gain some emotional distance and detachment from irritating situations because Angelina tends to take everything personally and Brad does not.

     Both of you are also rather emotionally self-sufficient and enjoy times to yourself.

Brad’s Sun Opposition Angelina’s Mercury:

     Lively exchanges of ideas are common between the two of you. Fortunately, you understand each other well, but unfortunately you sometimes have opposite opinions and perspectives on an issue. Despite your differences, you work together very well in practical matters, planning, organizing, developing or communicating ideas, and your differing viewpoints are not likely to be a serious problem.

Angelina’s Sun Square Brad’s Uranus:

     When the two of you get together, you make a lot of noise, and there is lots of excitement. There is a strong element of unpredictability and spontaneity as well and you enjoy improvising new ideas and playing together. Because there is a loose, spontaneous quality to your relationship, you find that very often you can not depend on each other and it is difficult for the two of you to focus on mundane, tedious, or onerous tasks together. This is a good relationship for exploring new possibilities and interests and for spurring each other to become more spontaneous, independent, and creative, but a difficult relationship if dependability and commitment to each other is a high priority.

Angelina’s Sun Square Brad’s Pluto:

     Your relationship is intense and complex. You engage in deep, intense discussions and encounters that unveil your innermost thoughts, feelings, goals, hopes, fears, and ambitions. This is not a superficial relationship! You are very uninhibited with each other, and you open up to each other more readily than to others. Be wary of power struggles, however, as Brad, in particular, may be tempted to manipulate and control Angelina. Also, either of you may feel threatened, embarrassed, or disempowered by revealing so much of yourself to the other, and consequently feel the need to be secretive and competitive with each other. You have a profound influence upon one another, for good or ill.

Angelina’s Moon Conjunct Brad’s Jupiter:

     You both really enjoy each other’s company. You put each other in a good mood and an optimistic, friendly, jovial atmosphere develops when you get together.

Angelina’s Moon Square Brad’s Mercury:

     Brad needs to guard against the tendency to be critical, unsympathetic, and overly analytical of Angelina’s feelings, personal tastes, and habits. Brad may feel that Angelina is overly sensitive to criticism, and refuse to acknowledge responsibility for the problem as well. Petty annoyances, minor disagreements, and bickering can be avoided only if you both learn to listen sympathetically and to communicate clearly with each other.

Angelina’s Moon Square Brad’s Mars:

     You tend to become impatient and inconsiderate to each other.  This relationship will work only if both of you are tough-skinned and do not get your feelings hurt easily.  You are capable of achieving much together and you can motivate each other, but guard against the tendency to be impatient and try to force things prematurely.  Avoid also the tendency to be pushy with each other.

Brad’s Mercury Opposition Angelina’s Saturn:

     The flow of communication between you is often restricted, and very frustrating, especially for Brad. Criticism and nitpicking can be a real problem for you. Angelina wants Brad to be very clear, very precise, and will constantly interrupt Brad if there are inconsistencies in what Brad is saying. Often you simply do not share the same interests or are just not on the same wavelength. Communication of practical, serious affairs is usually good, but any topic involving intuition or speculation is not likely to get very far. Because you communicate well only about certain topics, this relationship can work well if it is a professional association for specific purposes, but beyond these boundaries, communication can be exceeding difficult.

Brad’s Mercury Square Angelina’s Jupiter:

     This relationship has a marked effect on the overall attitudes and beliefs of both of you, but particularly of Brad. You challenge each other’s religious, political, and philosophical beliefs. You may experience differences of opinion that are difficult to reconcile. You are also inclined to take risks together and speculate, sometimes foolishly.

Angelina’s Mercury Trine Brad’s Saturn:

     You work together well on practical problems. You help each other refine and clarify your ideas, and help “edit” each other’s work. Consequently you make a very effective team in business affairs and important or exacting work.

Angelina’s Venus Opposition Brad’s Venus:

     You appreciate each other and are able to see what is beautiful in one another, even when your friend is troubled or facing difficulties. Though there are significant differences in your approaches to feelings and friendship, and also in your artistic tastes and the ways you enjoy yourselves, you like each other so much that you’re motivated to find ways to cooperate, harmonize, and meet one another halfway.

Angelina’s Mars Conjunct Brad’s Jupiter:

     You spark each other’s ambitions and enterprising spirit, and you enjoy planning and designing ventures. You are able to jointly follow through to successful completion of your goals. Brad gives Angelina confidence and encouragement to charge ahead, while Angelina stimulates Brad to act decisively to actualize Brad’s dreams. You are likely to undertake several joint ventures as well as other individual efforts that are greatly assisted by your friend. Occasionally you take foolhardy risks and are overly zealous and unrealistic in your hopes, but your dynamic blending of energies can also result in outstanding accomplishments as well.

Angelina’s Mars Square Brad’s Mars:

     You periodically find that you frustrate each other when attempting to work jointly on a project. The problem arises because your approach to work is very different. Very often you will find that you must work on a project separately as successful joint effort is impossible. Fighting, provoking, driving, or pushing one another can be problems for you. There is a great deal of irritation and stress between you at times. At least there is no lack of fire in your relationship!

Brad’s Mars Square Angelina’s Pluto:

     You inspire, vitalize, and energize one another and you can accomplish much together, but you can easily become overly zealous, even fanatical, in your pursuits. It is also likely that your objectives will sometimes be different and you will feel at cross-purposes with each other. You often end up in power struggles, being very competitive with each other, and trying to manipulate or dominate one another. Angelina, especially, can override or undermine Brad’s efforts.